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27 months, 14 days

So many changes over the past little while, even the last month.

FrostedBaby is now sleeping in a big boy bed. He decided that he no longer wanted the crib and would either wake up screaming or protest going down at all, but was fine in the guest bed and at other places (we went the States to visit relatives a few weeks ago and he was fine in the hotel’s pullout bed) so I moved our guest bed into his room to see how it went and he loves it. What I don’t love is that he’s waking up really early (anytime between 5:30 and 7) and getting up and playing, which is fine except he makes noise and wakes us up. I won’t go in until 7 at least, and that tends to be when he decides he’s had enough and wants to get out. So far he hasn’t figured out the doorknob.

We were going to get him his own bed but before we’d decided on which we were going to get, I found out I was pregnant. And then a few days after that I started bleeding and confirmed with bloodwork that it was over. I knew it based on the faintness of the line but it was still disappointing, obviously. I feel like I have a lot to say about it and no words, but I’m still dealing with it and especially accepting the fact that I’ll probably have to wait a year for the next time since all my pregnancies are around that length apart. Timing would have been perfect for a lot of reasons (and timing was awful for financial reasons, but those tend to sort themselves out), not the least of which would be the age difference which is already much larger than I would have chosen. I’m hoping it will happen again soon, but I’m not holding my breath :/

FrostedBaby is now toilet trained. Or well on his way to being? I’m not exactly sure where the line between training and trained is. He’s in underwear full time except overnight. He has accidents fairly regularly but can also go days without any.

This has sat here unposted for a while so I’m going to post this and start a new one.