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26 months, 27 days

Yesterday his yogurt requests were Mommy (“Calvin, time to change your bum!”), Daddy (“Listen to your mother, Calvin”), Nana (“You’re so cute!”), and water (water running noise as best I could).

And penis.

So I made a peeing noise.


26 months, 16 days

FrostedBaby eats yogurt a lot after dinner, I guess kind of a dessert though it’s more to make sure he’s eating lots of protein at dinner so he won’t be hungry in the night. So lately he’s been asking to be fed like a baby, I’m not sure why since for a while he refused to eat it if we tried to feed him. So he says in the teasing cooey voice we use to tease him, “Little baby?”

And then he wants me to make the spoon into planes or trains or helicopters or cars or whatever to feed him. And lately he’s started asking for random other things. Like tigers and alligators and cats and goldbug (from his favourite Richard Scarry book), and other things like whiners (that was fun) and dirt.

Yeah, you figure out what sort of noise dirt makes 😛

Today he was also differentiating between tow trucks and *green* tow trucks. It’s so much fun to hear what he’s going to come up with, and you can see him wracking his brain to think of something new just to see what I’ll do.