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24 months, 28 days

Today someone commented on how sharp FrostedBaby is – how alert and inquisitive and verbal and all he is. It’s kind of a wonder he’s as good as he is, since often curiosity and alertness equal trouble because they get into things, but he just doesn’t. He watches and figures things out, but he tends not to touch things he knows he’s not supposed to. Except the TV. For some reason he’s always turning that on and off, but he probably wouldn’t do that at anyone else’s house.

His birthday party was a success. We did end up doing a friends party of sorts, since it just so happened that a beach day with almost all the people I would have invited got organized and fell on his birthday. It was a great day and a perfect day to be at the beach. FrostedBaby had an awesome time and was running around with his friends. He invented this game where he flops down on the sand on his belly and the other kid does too, then they get up and run and do it again. I’m not sure how they tell each other, or if it’s just the age to copy each other, but he started it with one kid and they were doing it a lot, and then FrostedBaby started it with a totally new kid and he picked up on it too. I’ve been thinking I need to write him a letter like I did last year but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

I wish there was a way to write down everything that I want to remember and capture it somehow. When I go back and read my earlier posts where I was posting more often because I had more time to do it, it’s so nice to remember what was happening and what I was feeling. Now it’s so much harder but no less precious and I feel like there’s so much I’m forgetting or will forget. When I sit down to try and capture this moment with him and what it’s like, I can’t even think of what to say.

The family party for his birthday was fun too. We had everyone over and had pizza and he opened some presents. He got some construction vehicles from my brother and SIL and a couple others from my MIL, some books from my sister. And of course the swingset that he’s been playing on all summer. I asked him if he wanted to open presents and he said yes and came over and was doing something weird with his shirt, which we thought was funny and then he got distracted so I asked him again a few minutes later and he did the same thing but was also doing something with his diaper. And then I realized he thought for some reason that I was talking about his penis. So we all had a good laugh about him thinking penis and present are the same thing and how it starts at birth. I even got a video of him a few days later, with me asking him “Do you know what a present is” and him pointing at himself and saying “Penis is!” I have no idea what’s going on in his head but I really hope he remembers it long enough so when he has better language skills he can tell me. That video is getting played at his wedding for sure!

In other humorous stories, there was the time I was filling his sippy cup with water and he said “sippy cup” and I said “yes, a sippy cup of…?” and he said “DANGER!” in a dramatic voice. (He has a book he loves to hear before bedtime every night for the past like 6 months that he knows so well that he’s now filling in words when we pause, and one of those is danger in a dramatic voice, so the way I phrased it must have made him think of that, but it was really unexpected and funny)

And then there was the time I asked him to go upstairs to ask Daddy to change his bum so we could go on a walk together. So he goes upstairs, repeating “Daddy bum” to himself. Then he gets upstairs, finds Daddy and announces, “Daddy, orange juice all gone!”  No clue where that one came from since we had not been talking about orange juice and it wasn’t even after breakfast when he has orange juice.

I’m loving this stage where I ask him questions and he will often give very astute answers, or something they’re totally out of left field. After our day at the beach I asked him if he told Daddy about our day, so Daddy asked him what he did and he flopped down on his tummy and said “water” and named some of the people we were there with and stuff like that. Or when we went swimming and I forget what I asked him, maybe if he remembered who we’d gone swimming with, and he said “water” and “ball”, which was true although not quite what I was expecting. And when I was on the phone with my mom and asked him to tell her about swimming, he said “hippo” which was true because he was playing with a floaty thing in the shape of a hippo. And he also told her there was water 😛

He’s this awesome combination of typical boy (anything to do with vehicles, he’s nuts over) and really sweet and sensitive (wanting anything that gets bumped or scraped to be kissed, but also wanting to kiss anything he thinks might be hurting on me) and nurturing (wants to wear his baby doll like I wear him, although a lot of the time she’s driving his truck too). I love him for how super special he is and I feel so privileged to be the one who gets to nurture that, especially knowing that a lot of parents I know would have a problem with just letting him be who he is. I worry that at some point in his life someone is going to make fun of him for being different like that and I’m afraid that it’s going to go away or he’ll want to hide it. He’s such an amazing kid, I wish I could somehow let him feel that from me, and I don’t think it’s just because I’m his mom because other people say the same thing, even ones who are not related to him. So it’s only partly because I’m his mom 😉