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23 months, 24 days

It’s so hard to believe that FrostedBaby will be turning two in a week. We are having a family party on the Saturday after his birthday (the 24th) though we’re not exactly sure what we’re doing. There will be ice cream though, since he really likes it and it just so happens that I do too. We got him the swingset as his big gift from grandparents, but I also picked up some small construction vehicles since he’s obsessed with vehicles of all kinds. I’ve asked for books from other people as well.

We’re not sure if we’re going to do a friends party or not. I thought it might get too big, but then I thought if we kept it to the friends that he actually plays with (now that he does that), it would be limited to between 7 and 10 kids. Plus parents, but that’s still manageable, much more than doing parties like some of my friends do, which is to invite every single person they know. That’s too big and too expensive and just not something any of us would enjoy.

I feel like right now we’re in a really good space. He has his moments (don’t we all?), but they’re limited to mostly when he’s hungry or tired or occasionally if he gets frustrated and it’s pretty easy to deal with. Honestly, I’d rather deal with his tantrums than some of the crying he did when he was a baby and I’d have no idea what he was going on about. I try to give him lots of freedom in most aspects of the day so that when I have to put my foot down and say this is what we’re doing, he reacts pretty well. Not that I think I have it all figured out – he’s a pretty easy-going kid and I probably have it way easier than most parents who have more “typical” kids – but I feel like what we’re doing right now works for us and I think it helps.

He spends his days laughing and chattering and running around. He’s really good at entertaining himself again (there was a stretch there where he seemed to have lost the knack of it) so he does that a lot, plus we go outside and play and go for walks. I’ve become friendly with two other moms in the neighbourhood, one who lives across the road from me and another who lives not too far away. It’s been awesome because not only is it great to have people who are so close to do stuff with, they’re both people that I feel I would have been friends with aside from having kids. Their kids are younger, at 4 months and 7.5 months so I can’t wait until they’re able to do more, but it’s still been really great.

We’ve been to a few places with FrostedBaby – Centre Island and a baseball game and the provincial park and I’ve gone swimming with him a bunch the past few weeks with friends. He’s come out of his shell a lot and is a lot more confident. When he gets in the water, it’s like a different kid and he runs around and throws himself in the water and jumps and splashes and it’s really neat to see. We haven’t seen the friend who is two days younger than him in a bit because they were away, and when he saw him, they started running around together and I was the one reminding FrostedBaby not to be too rough! It was not something I’ve seen a lot from him. They’ve been sick since then so we haven’t seen them again, but I’m wondering if it’ll be the same next time. He’s usually wary of kids his own age, maybe because they’re less predictable than older kids or much younger kids, who he tends to like.

I’m loving this age right because he’s really developing his personality and he’s really funny and he’s so smart. He jokes with us and acts silly because he thinks it’s funny and he wants to make us laugh. He makes faces on purpose and he says silly things. His language explosion is incredible, going from 2 word sentences to 3 and 4 word sentences within a short time. He comes out with things that amaze me all the time. He wants to know the names of everyone and everything and he remembers them sometimes after one time. He has a great imagination and invents games and pretends things all the time. I love sitting back and listening to what he’s saying when he’s playing and doesn’t think anyone is paying attention. I can’t understand everything he’s saying but a lot of it is really cute or funny.

His singing is still awesome. He now makes up songs, usually to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (favourites include “Mommy Mommy Mommy’s Car” and “la la la la la la pizza”. He also sings whole songs that are recognizable even if he doesn’t actually say all the words. I’m not sure if he doesn’t know them yet or if he can’t say them all yet because his language isn’t developed enough, but it’s adorable. I think I said it a long time ago, but I wish I could record everything he does and just edit out the boring stuff so that I’d capture every cute thing he ever does. I’d have a lot of footage to keep.

I’ve officially had my period back for a year. I thought I might be pregnant last cycle because it came later than expected and I was feeling weird and our timing was right, but tests came back negative and then it started. I was pretty bummed at that time but I think I’ve moved on (again) and I’m really trying not to hope and to just go with it and be pleasantly surprised if it happens. I’m sure there are pros and cons, and I’m trying to focus on the fact that I can spend so much time with FrostedBaby by himself, but I was watching a friend’s baby a week or two ago and it felt so right to have the older one and the younger one and while I’m sure it wouldn’t always be that idyllic, at least then we’d have them and we’d be done with this part of things. I just wish I knew it was going to happen one day. Or not, though I’m less anxious to know that 😉  I also can’t help but feel that I’m probably going to end up miscarrying again before we are successful, so I want to get over that part and move on. I’ve always had such large spaces between my pregnancies so I want to get on with it, though I guess it just doesn’t work that way.

I should get going and get ready for bed. I think I was writing that he was sleeping less in my last post. I’m not saying this, but he’s now gone back to his 14 hours of solid sleep. Or actually, I’m not sure if that’s true. I often hear him around 7 or so (which would be 13 hours) singing and stuff but then I go back to sleep and he doesn’t start making I-want-attention noises until at least 8. The past little bit we’ve even gone in before he sounds the alarm that he’d like to get up, it’s either when he’s still chortling (I love that word!) to himself or when he’s just starting to whine before he starts wailing. I’m really liking it, but we’ve started having to set the alarm again because Husband has to be doing work stuff and we’ve slept in until 8:30 and that makes the whole morning late. I tend to be pretty laid back in the mornings right now – letting him run around and play a bit after breakfast and then we have a leisurely bath and he races around naked and stuff. The other day I didn’t get him dressed until lunchtime because he got up late and we were just moseying around. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice and he’s happy doing it and all, but sometimes I feel like we should be moving faster. But then I remember feeling that way when our mornings consisted of me bringing him into bed and nursing him and us falling asleep for a few more hours together, so I think I’ll enjoy the leisurely pace we have while it lasts. It’s not like I can’t get us out if we need to be somewhere, so whatever. Not too long ago he wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much and needed more structure but right now he seems to really like it. He likes to run to the front window and see what’s going on in the street. He also likes to spy on our friend across the road.