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22 months

Today is FrostedBaby’s 22 monthiversary and I didn’t even notice until now.

I can’t believe in my last post that I forgot to write about his singing. He sings! It is definitely my favourite thing that he does right now. He sings along with me (filling in the end of the lines of a bunch of songs), he sings along with Scout including sometimes doing actions that we’ve been doing, he sings by himself. He listens to songs on the radio and tries to sing along to them, which is completely adorable.

I love listening to him on the monitor before we’ve gotten up when he’s playing by himself in his crib and hearing him sing and chatter to himself. The other day I was in the washroom and he was having a whole pretend conversation with Nana on the broken remote control – “Hi Nana. I miss you. Yay Nana. Walk? Walk? Okay Nana” and so on, including a bunch of babbling that I have no clue what he was saying.

And here I thought he couldn’t get any cuter. It hasn’t been fatal yet, but it’s getting closer and closer.


21 months, 12 days

Whoa. How is it possible that this long has gone by without me updating? It seems so sad because there’s so much I want to write down and capture and remember and yet I just never seem to have the time or energy anymore.

FrostedBaby is now walking almost all the time, except on some occasions where he prefers to crawl for some reason. He’s been racing around the house with the learn-to-walk push toys that I got him a long time ago that he was too afraid to walk with. One of them is a ride-on bus thing that I think he’s probably getting too big for (and he never did figure out how to propel himself forward – he tries it and then gets frustrated and wants off. I’m sorry to say that that comes from me) but he’s in love with trucks and cars right now, so he proudly shows everyone his truck and it’s the greatest thing ever apparently.

His language is incredible. He’s repeating the last word of every sentence we say and he’s remembering words he’s only heard once. He’s starting to put them together to create ideas (like “catty! table! no!” to tell the cat to get off the table) and he says “I throw” when he throws stuff and “I fall” when he purposely throws himself on the ground (but not when he actually falls because he’s usually too upset). It’s much less stressful to leave him with other people who don’t understand him as well as I do because he can communicate in more universally-understood ways. If he’s asking for something and I’m not sure what he’s saying, I can ask him “can you show me?” and he’ll go and point or do something to help me understand him better. I love this part, it’s so interesting.

We got him a swingset and a sandbox for his birthday, so he’s been wanting to be outside every waking moment for the past while because of that. It’s nice because I don’t have to think of things for us to do all the time, but it’s also bad because he’s constantly asking and we can’t always go out, like when it’s thunderstorming or when he had a fever and it was too hot out earlier this week. When we first got it, he was barely eating because he just wanted to be outside.

He just went through a growth spurt where he was sleeping crazy hours (like going down at 6pm and not waking up until 10:30 the next morning -luckily I could hear him breathing and moving around occasionally over the monitor-, and then wanting to go to bed by 6 again. And then the eating hit, and he was eating everything in sight. It seems to have calmed down now and the absolute best part was that he wasn’t waking up at night wanting to eat and then waking himself up too much so that he needed to tire himself out again.

He’s been sick this week. On Monday I left him with a friend while Husband and I went out lawn mower shopping since ours died. He did great with her, which makes me so happy and proud of him. Anyway, that afternoon her son woke up from his nap with a fever. On Thursday, FrostedBaby woke up at 5-something in the morning with a fever of 103.9. As soon as I picked him up, I could feel how hot he was and I ripped his sleeper off, thinking he was just hot from being in a sleeper and the weather had changed overnight. After 10 minutes of just his diaper, he was still burny hot to the touch so I knew it was the same thing as his friend. I gave him some Tyl.e.nol and snuggled him for a bit (he does this snuggle that’s unique to when he has a fever, where he lays very still in my arms and lays his head on my shoulder or under my chin. As much as I don’t like him feeling sick, I must admit that I do love those snuggles since he’s always too busy now) and then he started moving around and seeming better when the Tyl.eno.l kicked in. He had an appetite that day, but was really tired and I could tell as soon as the meds wore off, he would start being clingy and whiney again and go into the fever snuggle. Poor little guy. We spent a good portion of the day snuggled up together on the couch, him sleeping a bit and watching some TV since that’s all he had the energy for. He never really watches TV because he’s too busy playing and running around, so it was really strange for him to sit so still to watch it. The next day his fever broke and it’s been normal ever since, and he mostly seems okay but he’s a lot more whiney and clingy than usual and his appetite is hit and miss. He says he’s hungry but then refuses everything or only plays with it even if he’s specifically asked for it. He keeps saying yes to stuff and then immediately says no right after. I’m not sure if some is a new almost-2 thing or if it’s all related to not feeling well. It’s frustrating because if he were well and pulling this, I’d tell him to suck it up and eat whatever I gave him or not, but that’s all he’s getting. But with him not feeling well and he’s not eating much to begin with, I keep trying and hoping he’ll find something that appeals to him. Hopefully this will be over soon and he’ll be on the upswing.

My friend’s son had a snotty nose and cough and a couple bad days and nights but now seems to be doing better. FrostedBaby has maybe the beginnings of a cough and a snotty nose but nothing for sure yet but I think he might be developing a rash. I did some research on what a high fever with no other symptoms would be and one of the most common things is roseola. I’m not convinced that’s what it is, especially since Friend’s son doesn’t have a rash, but my brother is getting married this weekend and we’re all in the wedding, so I’m betting on that and he’ll have a really nice rash all over his face for the pictures 😛

I have so much more to write about but it’s getting late and I’m going to go to bed. I didn’t sleep well last night because my legs wouldn’t stop twitching. For an hour and a half I was falling asleep and waking up because of them, over and over. That’s so much more annoying than just not being able to fall asleep, since at least then I could read for a while or something, but I was falling asleep in seconds but just couldn’t stay asleep. I really hate having restless legs. I envy people who just had them for pregnancy. They were worse for me during but I had them before and I still have them.

Until next time. Hopefully I won’t be so delinquent and it won’t be as long before I write some more.