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20 months, 10 days

FrostedBaby started walking four days ago, on Saturday. Husband put his shoes on to go out and stood him up, and FrostedBaby walked away from him, leaving us going “… wait, what?” It was so funny because after all this time and him saying “noooo, nooo” every time we tried to get him to walk, there he is just doing it like he’s been doing it forever.

He was able to turn and stop and stand in one place right away, with only minimal balance and momentum issues. He falls sometimes, but usually can find his balance again before he does. And now Mr. I’m Too Afraid Of Falling To Walk thinks it’s hilarious to throw himself on the ground.

He still prefers to crawl or run on his knees when he’s playing or if we’re out somewhere, I think because he feels more comfortable and is faster still. Sometimes I tell him to stand up and he makes a “oh yeah!” noise like he’s forgotten he can do that. When we’re home and especially upstairs for some reason, he’s motoring around on his feet, walking from room to room without stopping or balancing on anything. He’s already starting to try to run, but then gets ahead of himself and falls down.

I feel like we’re in a really good stage right now. He has his moments where he melts down but when he realizes he’s not getting what he wants he stops and then asks nicely for it or tries to communicate what it is. Often he’ll resort to that first instead of the whining or screaming. I would estimate he can say over 100 words at this point, and he’s coming up with new ones every day. We went through some of his “first words” board books that he’s been loving for the past while and he was saying words I didn’t know he could say, like “butterfly” and “ladybug”. He brought me the animal colours one and I couldn’t remember what the blue one was when I asked him to find blue, and when I said, “I can’t remember what it is, can I see?” he turned it so I could see it and said “butterfly”. He’s amazing me at least once a day with what he understands and can say and do. He keeps talking in gibberish but it has more inflection and sounds more sentence-like than his earlier babbling. I don’t know if he’s actually trying to say something or if he hears talking around him and is mimicking what it sounds like without trying to add actual content, if that makes sense.

So tantrums and meltdowns are at a low right now, communication is at a high, and he’s able to do so many things he was too afraid to until recently – playing in the sand at the park, climbing on things, playing with others kids, etc. It’s been easier to keep him entertained, especially with the nicer weather, but because he’s able to go to some of the local playplaces that have been too old for him until now. In fact, I credit one of them with finally inspiring him to walk. Maybe not, but since we started going he’s been climbing and doing things he never did before that he learned how to do there. Maybe a coincidence, but I don’t think so. He keeps asking to go outside and cries if he thinks we’re not going to go (like when he had to eat lunch first, or when it was time to play with Daddy after dinner though that time was more because he didn’t ask, just freaked out and it took us a while to figure out what the problem was). We got him a sandbox that he’s loving, especially when I built a sandcastle with the bucket and he yells, “ta da!” and then knocks it down. We’re planning on getting him a swingset and climber and I think we’ve found one that’s a good balance for his age. It seems like most of them if they have the swingset are way too big for him, but any that don’t are kind of shrimpy and he’ll outgrow them really quickly, if he hasn’t already. That’ll be for his birthday, though we’ll be getting it now (since it’s on sale!) and he’ll be able to play with it all summer.