I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

15 months, 24 days

FrostedBaby has started calling the cat “catty”. He is very consistent about it and says it when he sees the cat or if one of us says cat.

I have no idea where he got it from – if it’s an extension of adding the “ee” sound to the end of most things – mommy, daddy, doggie, etc. Either that or it’s a mix of cat and kitty, both of which he has said in the past. Regardless, he’s not mimicking us because neither of us have ever called the cat that 😛

His c sound still sounds sort of like a d, but it’s distinct from how he says “daddy”, which was especially clear when he said, “catty, daddy” today. You can definitely hear the difference between his d and t sounds.


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