I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

I set up a new ticker so I wouldn’t have to do math every time I updated, but this is just getting ridiculous. Plus all that means nothing to me – 13 months and 26 days is a bit more meaningful, although I think we’re getting to the point where just the months will suffice. I might have to start thinking up real titles soon, the horror!

FrostedBaby now says “baby” and “kitty cat”. He also said “gorilla” when we were at the Zoo last week, but hasn’t said it since. He’s been making a purring noise for the past couple of days, like blowing through his lips but not a raspberry, there’s more soft voice behind it. He’s also saying “bwee” a lot with a ruffle of his lips.

Our trip to the Zoo was different this time, in that he was really interested in the animals and made his “I see an animal!” noise (he has a similar but slightly different one for cats and another specific one for our cat) and he was actually watching them. The otter startled him though – we were watching it do laps at the underwater window and he was looking in a different direction when it appeared out of nowhere (well, not really, but from his perspective it did) and he jumped and then cried a bit. He was interested when he was watching it and it wasn’t leaping out at him though. We went into a few more of the indoor exhibits, which we have tended not to when it was warmer and crowded because they get really hot and I really hate crowds. We haven’t seen the gorillas before and they were right by the window. We went up to watch them and he said “Dada” first, hahahahaha 🙂 Then I was telling him they were gorillas and said, “can you say gorilla?” like I usually do, not expecting an answer and he said, “gorilla!” and then refused to say it again though I keep trying.

He hasn’t napped for two weeks now aside from half an hour one day and an hour and a half on Monday. He seems to be getting tired in the early afternoon, but then he stays up a few hours later so I’m torn between putting him down for a nap or keeping him up but him going to bed early. One the one hand, if he stays up then we can do stuff and he goes down early and I get the whole evening free. On the other, I get a bit of a break in the middle of the day and he gets to sleep when he’s tired. But then I get less of the evening free, though it means we can eat dinner together, and it means that we can’t get out in the afternoon. He’s not usually super tired or whiney or anything if he doesn’t nap, but he is quite ready for bed by 5 or 5:30, which is really nice. He’s super easy to put down, I can make my dinner and eat it in peace, and I get the whoooole evening. And he regardless of what happens during the day, he tends to wake up once during the night (after 10ish hours, given or take) and then is up for good at 8:00. The time he did nap, he was incredibly whiney in the afternoon which was why I did it. Otherwise I spend the time putting him down and staying home and it’s all for nothing. So not really sure what the best thing to be doing is. I guess if he’s super whiney then he naps and otherwise we’re free to get out and do things, which keeps both of us happy.

Case in point, we went to a weekly playgroup that we’ve never been able to go to because he was always napping. It’s a couple of the moms in the group who borrow a room in a church and there are toys and stuff and the kids run around and the moms get to socialize. I expected that it would be an environment where FrostedBaby would need to hang back with me for a bit to warm up before he’d join in and I wasn’t sure how he’d be with the other kids, most of whom are walking and are generally more body-aware than he is. To my surprise, he was already saying hi to everyone when I sat him down to take his jacket off and then he was off playing and crawling around and interacting with the other kids (well, as much as kids do at this age). He did come over for a hug a couple of times, which is normal for him – he likes to reconnect or reassure himself that I’m there or something, but after we hugged, he was off again. He’s so much more confident and so much less sensitive (in a good way, he’s still very sensitive but mostly in good ways these days) than he used to be, I’m so proud of him. It was also great for me to get out and see a lot of moms who I haven’t seen in a long time because of our schedules. We’ll definitely be joining them again and I don’t think even if he starts napping predictably again that he’ll be doing it in the morning anymore, so yay!

My pottery class started last night. I dreamt the night before that I went to it and it turned out to be a math class instead. Luckily, that did not happen. It was fun. I have no illusions that I’m going to produce anything good, but I’m looking forward to learning things I didn’t know before and the other members of the class are friendly and we had a good time. Our first thing was doing a sculptured bowl and mine was turning out lopsided so I turned it into a wobbly sided bowl and I’m hoping that eventually we’ll be able to paint them and I’m going to hopefully paint it some funky colours. I had a good time and it was really nice to spend time with people apart from being a mom, which was the whole point. It was also nice that even if FrostedBaby wakes up and won’t go to bed until I get home, I’m not out super late so unless there’s a super emergency, I really am off duty for those few hours I’m out. That’s pretty much the first time since he was born, since I know that Husband or my parents (who will be babysitting when he’s away for a couple of classes) will be able to keep him calm until I get home.

I wrote this yesterday or the day before and then forgot to post it. Really need to stop doing that.

FrostedBaby got his second haircut yesterday. He had this great curly mop of hair in the morning right after his bath but then by the evening they were weighing themselves down and he was starting to look terrible, so now his curls are back and he is SO CUTE! You know, because he wasn’t so cute I could die before.



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