I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

13 months, 7 days

FrostedBaby is now more consistently getting up on his knees to look on top of the coffee table or to check out the first few steps. He’s now stable enough that he can use his hands to grab things and explore. I’m just waiting for him to get brave and stable enough to try getting onto his feet. He’s still not standing except if a person is holding him, but he’s getting better and better at that.

He’s so funny sometimes. He is capable of going from sitting to crawling on his own, but sometimes he seems to forget that. Like if I have him sitting for some reason and then throw a ball for him, he’ll whine and look at me for help. But if he just decides he wants to do it, he’ll just go ahead and do it without seeming to think or notice. I guess like how he used to roll over no problem but when he got tired, he’d seem to forget how. Or he could move around by himself and did it all day, but if I got too far away, he didn’t realize he could follow me. Now he knows that – I’ll often leave him in the hallway and go into the master bathroom to brush my teeth before we go out and he’ll come and find me now. He’s always very proud of himself too 🙂

This is the next day, so 13 months and 8 days and he started doing something new yesterday after I wrote all that. He started doing this funny crawl where instead of the long “strides” with his arms and legs, he does short, fast little ones and he either goes nowhere or hardly at all. I’m wondering if he started doing it because I’ve been doing little quick shuffly dancey things with my feet because I discovered that that makes him laugh, so that’s his copying me. In any case, he grins big at me when he does it and is very pleased when I laugh. And if I go “deet deet deet deet deet” at him, he does it for me. SO CUTE.

I went out last night with some of the girls from the moms group and had a really good time. I wasn’t sure if I would go because a lot of them are sick but I never get to go to these things (usually because Husband is traveling) and I never get to see any of them anymore because they’re all working and when they’re not, all the playdates and stuff are in the morning when FrostedBaby is napping. Anyway, it was a lot of fun although I ended up coming home a bit earlier than I would have because FrostedBaby woke up and wouldn’t go back down for Husband. He was okay but not going back to sleep and when I came in to the room, his head swiveled to me and then he started crying until I took him. Then he settled right back down after some snuggling and I put him back down awake and there was no trouble. I wish I knew what the solution was beyond me needing to be there to put him back down – Husband wearing a shirt that smells like me so he’ll feel more comfortable?

We are supposed to be going to our neighbour’s son’s second birthday party today, although we don’t really know details. We were outside talking to them a few weeks ago and they mentioned it but either we didn’t get the times or we’ve forgotten. Guess we’ll poke our heads over and see what’s going on after FrostedBaby wakes up from his nap. It’s not a huge deal, but I’d like to be more friendly with our neighbours and that’s a good excuse without it being super awkward, hopefully. I’m terrible at meeting people and especially getting past the small talk stage. I really suck at small talk and I’m afraid it comes across as being unfriendly or standoffish and that’s not what I mean at all.

Okay, FrostedBaby is waking up from his nap so time to figure out what his lunch is going to be. Usually I have it all planned out but today I’m slacking.



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