I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

11 months, 3 weeks, 5 days

Alright. Quick update on FrostedBaby because it’s been a while, apparently. I’ll hit on a few key topics to keep my thoughts organized. I should be going to bed.

Sleep: It has mostly improved. He’s going down later, but easily so it’s okay. He sometimes wakes up in the early evening an hour or two after he goes down, crying, but it’s back to his usual I’ll go up there and snuggle him and he goes right back to sleep and is fine with me leaving him even if he’s still awake a bit. He’s waking up a few times a night (or several times when he went through a growth spurt, which was confirmed by the fact that his clothes are getting small on him again. That’s okay since he was still in 9 months and he’s almost 12 :P), but then last night he went down at 7ish (it was actually before, but close enough) and I didn’t hear a peep from him until almost 5:30 in the morning. I woke up several times wondering if he was okay, and while I wasn’t sore in the boobal area, they were more full than they’ve been in a while. I really don’t mind getting up with him if he’s hungry or needs to be snuggled and he goes right back down easily, though I prefer to keep it to once or twice if possible just because I do have trouble getting to sleep myself.

Crawling: Still not properly crawling, but he’s getting up on his knees a lot and he can take one or two “steps” with his knees or his hands and he sometimes does both before he either falls down or decides he doesn’t have the patience and zooms off on his tummy. He’s not pulling up on things yet, but he is very good at climbing on me and Husband and the cat, so I suspect that if he figures out the proper crawling thing, the pulling up is going to be right behind. He can get down onto his tummy from a sitting position by himself fairly gracefully now – he does the lean forward on his hands and does the splits as he rolls forward, then brings them behind him, but he hasn’t figured out how to sit from a laying down position. I’m not sure if he lacks the motor control or if it just hasn’t occurred to him. Why would I want to sit when I can crawl around?

Birthday: FrostedBaby turns one year old on Tuesday, I can hardly believe it. That’s a whole other post, but we celebrated it on Saturday the 11th since the 18th didn’t work for everyone. We just did a family thing. Everyone was supposed to come here but my mom hurt her back and couldn’t do the hour drive to here so we went to their place instead. It was nice, but dinner ended up being later than planned so we were out later than we would have wanted. FrostedBaby was really good though and although he was tired and that made him clingy, he wasn’t too whiney and didn’t have a meltdown. He also didn’t fall asleep in the car, which shocked me. He did sleep in until 9 the next morning, which I guess actually isn’t that great since he was up in the night and he usually sleeps until 8 these days. We had fajitas for dinner, which were amazing, and we got him a custom made cake with a frog on it and it was really yummy. We got money from everyone, since right now he’s not really into much beyond toys he can pick up and throw and crawl after them, so rather than ask for stuff we’ll buy things as he grows into them or whatever. I tend to buy stuff at the second hand stores since it’s so much cheaper so we can get more for the money. I did go to a store that’s closing down and has almost everything on sale and grabbed one of those ball poppers that I’ve been looking for used but can never find (especially with all the balls) and another toy. He’s enjoying those, although he keeps taking the balls and throwing them and crawling after them. And purposely throwing them under the dresser. But he has figured out that he can press the button and it plays music and the balls pop out, and he will occasionally put them back in but that’s less fun than flinging them to all corners of the room. We’ve decided that that toy will stay in his room for now, since that will minimize the chances of losing all of them.

I got interrupted in writing that last paragraph by FrostedBaby waking up and it’s now late so I’m going to head to bed.



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