I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

I’ve gone through the archives and deleted all references to baby’s real name, he will now be known as FrostedBaby. I’m not sure why, but I just figure it’ll keep things a bit more anonymous, although anyone who knows me will pretty quickly figure out who I am. As if this blog will ever get big enough to worry about stalkers or anything, but I dunno, I just feel like I should so I’m going with that.

I think he may be saying his first word, one that he actually knows to assign to one particular thing. And that word is “cat”. He actually says it more like “daT”, with a very pronounced but not very hard T on the end, because he can’t say the hard C sound yet. But he was very consistently copying us when we would say cat, and he often looks at the cat and says it. And today I was videoing him crawling after the cat and then I asked him who it was and he very definitely replied, “cat” (or “daT”, more accurately). So he doesn’t use it totally properly, but he’s not randomly babbling it as much as his other words. He says it when he sees the cat, he says it when we say cat, and not very many other times.

He was babbling “nana” over and over today and a couple of times I asked him if I should phone Nana and he made an affirmative sound and then when I asked him what he would say to her, one time he said, “cat” and the other time he said, “hey Nana”. My kid’s a genius! Then at dinnertime he was babbling mamamamamamamama so I asked him, “Who’s the greatest person in the world?” and he said, “Nana”. Thanks, kid 😉  Though I might agree with that. My mom’s pretty awesome.

He has his army crawl down now, I guess that’s a development since the last time I posted. He was rolling pretty good and then started inching forward in a really awkward way where he’d streeeeetch and then he’d roll halfway onto his side and then push with his feet. Since then he’s figured out how to pull with his arms and now he has all four limbs going and he’s getting really fast. I took some video a week ago and some today and you can see a big difference when you compare them. He’s also pushing up almost onto his knees. Today he was up so high that if he would just bend his legs a bit, he’d be up on them. So that’s probably coming soon too. He’s traveling all over the place, though he’s yet to realize he can follow people or do anything other than go between his toys. He’s not really exploring just for the sake of exploring yet or chasing after us or coming when he’s called. He does go after the cat, but only sometimes and he doesn’t chase him for long before something else catches his eye.

We did clean out our basement a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was afraid of. It was mainly getting rid of a lot of empty boxes that were put down there that should have just been gotten rid of in the first place. Husband is really bad for keeping stuff like that for some reason. We have a bunch of stuff that I think I’m doing to donate somewhere since I’m not sure I have the motivation to try to sell it and have to deal with pickup times and no shows and whatever. It looks great down there, much more organized and there’s even clear floor space instead of everything spread out all over the place. I arranged for the removal service to come for next week (they were booked until then) so that’ll be great to get our garage back. Still unsure about moving the playroom down there but at least it’ll be an option should I want to give it a try.

To update from my last post, I spotted for 3.5 weeks at varying speeds but it never developed into anything major and then suddenly stopped. I’m not sure whether to expect my next cycle to start in the next couple of weeks, or whether it might be a while. I would kind of like to have something regular happen so I can predict and know how long it’ll last, I hate this not knowing when it’ll start and when it’ll stop and what to expect. Though probably when it does come back I’ll be wishing it was light again 😉

Let’s see if this posts properly, I’m entering it into the new version of the one that was giving me problems. I’ll copy it just in case I lose it instead of posting properly.


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  1. It worked! Whoo! Guess whatever issue it was got fixed.

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