I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

10 months, 4 and 5 days

I swear everything this kid does is painfully cute.

Today we were playing in his room. I was driving his wheelie Zebra around and he always laughs when I drive it on him, but today he was screaming with laughter. He’d roll onto his tummy and I’d drive it up to him (and then quickly away, which made him laugh), and then I’d drive it over his side and his back which made him laugh really hard, then he’d roll onto his side and back and take it from me, but then he’d hand it back and roll onto his tummy so we could do it again. I really love when he’s clearly indicating that he wants to do things again, it’s awesome that he is interactive in that way, but it’s also nice to know he’s enjoying it.

He thinks it’s hilarious if I hold things in my teeth for some reason. I don’t really get it, but I love that he laughs. He often holds things up for me to bite, then laughs, takes it away, then gives it back. His favourite seems to be cloths (which we always have around since he’s a messy eater plus I leak a lot when I’m feeding so I need to strategically wrap cloths around my bra when I’m feeding him) but he also does it with pacifiers and other things he’s playing with.

He knows how to shake his head no and nod his head yes. He started doing No a while ago, and then he picked up on Yes because I would often say, “No? How about yes?” and nod at him when he was shaking his head. Now, he starts off with one and then goes to the other, which is hilarious. You can say, “Are you going to go take a nap?” and he’ll nod his head, then switch to No, or vice versa. He also often does the opposite of what you’re doing, and then when you switch he switches too. And he’s often grinning his head off when he’s doing it.

He mixes up his sounds now, instead of being stuck on one sound all day (like only “dada” or “baba”), he’s now going back and forth between them all a lot. My favourite is that he’s now saying “mama” a lot, after refusing to say it for the longest time even though he was perfectly capable of it.

He has several stuffed animals that he plays with that for some reason all have Double-B names – Buddy Bear, Blue Bear, Belly Bear, etc. Well, it started with Buddy Bear (that’s the name on his tummy), and Blue Bear (one of those Gund First Teddy Bear ones), then he just recently got a bear with a big belly so now that’s Belly Bear. He has a Velveteen Rabbit that came with a board book, but I decided that it needed to be Something-That-Starts-With-B Bunny, so I told him that we needed to come up with a B name for it and asked him if he could think of any. And he starts going “Baba baba”, so now we also have Baba Bunny 😛 (to buck the trend, among others we also have Smother Bear who is holding a pillow the way you would if you were going to smother someone)

I need to book an appointment to get his hair cut. It’s getting long and when we were swimming and I poured water over his head so it was all flat and straight down his head, it was halfway down his nose. I talked to my hair guy when I was in last a couple of weeks ago and he said they would just trim up the ends, and it will actually make it healthier and might even make it curlier because it won’t be weighing itself down, but I’m afraid. I used to have wavy, almost curly hair as a kid and my mom cut it and it went straight and stayed that way. He’s so adorable with his curls that I would be really upset. I do suspect that it’s Daddy’s hair that he has, which stayed curly his whole life, although it went a different type of curly as he got older (the type that gets big rather than long, not the gorgeous adorable angel curls that he used to have and that FrostedBaby has now) and before he went partly bald and started shaving his head.

We are starting to think about his first birthday and what we’re going to do to celebrate. We’re not doing anything big, just have the family over and do a small celebration. We decided that we want to ask for a swingset for him from everyone and we were doing some research and hadn’t quite decided which one to choose yet. We were leaning towards a larger one since the smaller ones only last a year or two, and at the prices they are, we were thinking it wouldn’t make sense to spend as much as it would be just to replace it in not too long. I belong to a couple of area yard sale groups on FB where people are always selling stuff cheap, and someone posted one of the younger-aged sets that I liked (a lot of them are just climbers, but I want one with a swing since he loves swinging and he doesn’t climb yet so it wouldn’t make sense yet) for a really good price and it’s right around the corner from us. So we’re going to pick that up tomorrow, unless we get there and it’s not as in good condition as it looks in the picture or something. And I think we’re also going to ask for one of those 3-in-1 trikes that go from the push to pedal and grow with them, I think he would enjoy being on that now. Sometimes those are sold in the yard sale groups too, but they get snapped up really fast. I kind of want to get him that soon too rather than waiting because then we can play with it for the summer.

Once again I didn’t post and now it’s the next day. I went to check out the swingset today and I think it’s too small. The climbing part is fine but the swing is really short and doesn’t swing terribly well plus it’s low so pushing him would be a pain. I think we’ve decided to go with the bigger one we had our eye on that has a nice swing part and an only slightly bigger climbing part. I think he’ll get more use out of it and it’s not like he’s going to be climbing it unattended until he’s really steady anyway. With the small one and his slowness on getting mobile, we were afraid he’d outgrow the swing before he’d even get to the climbing.

I went to TRU to do a comparison on the swingsets to fully make the decision and I also checked out those Smart Trike things that convert three times to suit different ages. I was thinking we might want to get one of those for his birthday too (only not wait so we can enjoy it this summer!) and I put him in it and drove him around the store. He was really cute and seemed to enjoy it.

Going to post this now before I forget again.


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