I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

Still not crawling or up on his knees, although he’s getting really close. He loves when I put him up on his knees and then he can rock back and forth. He’s able to maintain it for longer and longer before he collapses so maybe there’s more muscle and coordination that he’s not ready for than I thought before. He will be so happy when he’s able to move around. In the meantime, he’s getting really good at turning and rolling for things he wants.

Unfortunately, he’s also really good at spotting teeny tiny things on the floor, picking them up, and stuffing them in his mouth. Very quickly. And yet when I give him food, he examines it carefully and slowly gets it to his mouth. Little bugger. He often touches things, then brings his hand to his mouth and then makes chewing motions, and if I’m not watching carefully I’m not sure if he’s really eating something or not so I have to keep checking. He is less and less cooperative with opening his mouth so I can check and/or fish things out. The good part is that when he’s choking, his mouth is wide open so I can get in there but I’d rather prevent and avoid the choking in the first place.

I’m rethinking the location of the playroom. Right now it’s in our front room, but that’s a small area and is shared by the dining room furniture. It gets traffic all the time, and the cat likes to leave things there, such as twist ties and various other “toys” he plays with. This means that I have to look carefully every time we go there to play and I have to be hyper vigilant because often the cat will bring stuff in while FrostedBaby’s playing there and naturally that goes into his mouth. Cat has chewed up some of the foam mat pieces that are loose and FrostedBaby has tried to eat them. Our basement is unfinished but is wide open (with some rearrangement of the junk down there) and would be a controlled environment. Not that coziest, but it would be comfortable on hot days and it’s not that cold in the winter even. It’s a large space, which will be even more important as he gets more mobile and needs more space. I can put down carpet and the foam tiles on the floor to make it more comfortable and we would definitely be able to fit the couch that I want there. The downsides would be that it’s not quite as convenient to get there, but it’s not that big a deal. And it would be a bit harder to block off since we’d still need some areas for storage and I don’t necessarily want him to have total free run yet. But it would also mean I could more easily have people over because the space is bigger. A friend of mine has her basement set up and it works really well.

Another plus would be actually getting things cleaned up down there (lots of things moved with us that should not have). Big downside would be actually having to do it… but we got a DealFind thing (or one of those deal sites) for like 350 pounds of junk removal for a low price that we have yet to use and I was going to use it to clear out stuff down there anyway. Maybe this would be motivation.

Anyway, because of the problems with the playroom out front here, I’ve been spending a lot of our freeplay time in his room because there’s less traffic and therefore I feel safer having him there, but that means that the play area in the front room is going to waste. But I feel paranoid when I’m there and that it’s not particularly safe since almost every time he’s there he gets his hands on something that shouldn’t even be there and some of it wasn’t there when I did my safety scan when we first get there. Worst thing in his room is some fuzz on the carpet.

It’s now the next day and I didn’t get a chance to finish this.

Yesterday was strange in that FrostedBaby refused to nap at his usual time and then we had a date with a friend so I couldn’t put him down later. He was actually really good and not as whiney and acting as overtired as I had expected. He did fall asleep in the car on the way home (VERY unusual for him) and then he was fighting going to sleep despite being exhasuted. I finally got him to sleep and he slept fine until 1:30am when he woke up (he’s generally up sometime between 1 and 3 am) and I fed him and put him to bed as usual but then he was whining and crying so I had to go back in. He was chomping on his fingers and whining so I gave him some Tylenol and that seemed to help since when I put him back down again he was quiet after that.

This morning he went down for his nap with his usual ease, so no idea what was up with him yesterday.

So, things that FrostedBaby is doing these days:

– Feeding himself! He started complaining when I would put his pieces of banana into his mouth, but was happy when I would give them to him to give himself. So since he’s supposed to be moving onto finger foods anyway, I try to give him something that he can feed himself at every meal. His tolerance for textures is still iffy but is improving so right now that’s a limited number of things, but he’s doing pieces of soft apple right now and has improved over the last couple of days so his gagging/choking (and therefore my heart attacks) is at a minimum. I’m going to be moving onto cooking vegetables to be soft and then chunked so he can feed them to himself. It’s nice to be able to give him stuff on his tray and then eat along with him rather than be all focused on him and then on me and then lunch takes twice as long.

– He likes having his nose pinched. He’ll actually stop wiggling and lean forward so you can pinch it and then laughs when you go “beep, beep” or his favourite is “aooooga”, especially if either are said in a deep voice.

– We took him swimming on Sunday and he spent the entire hour-and-a-bit we were in the pool waving his arms and kicking his legs and splashing. I don’t think he stopped moving the entire time we were in the pool. And when we got home, Daddy fell asleep and FrostedBaby played and rolled on the floor. I am in SO MUCH TROUBLE when he’s up and mobile on his own if he has that much energy. Most people talk about taking their babies swimming and how well they nap afterwards.

– I’ve come to the conclusion that FrostedBaby is very sensitive. He comes by it honestly, I’m extremely so and Husband was/is a fairly sensitive guy and I think he was probably one of those sweet, sensitive little boys. (could I say sensitive any more?). He cries over loud noises, if he gets hurt even the slightest bit, he reacts to other people’s feelings (in particular mine, it was a problem from the beginning when we were first breastfeeding because when I winced, he would unlatch himself immediately), etc. He’s snuggly and although he’s not terribly gentle, he’s way gentler than a friend’s baby who can get downright violent. He’s shy in new situations (something I’ve talked about before) and doesn’t like when things are too much in his face, especially when he’s not in his comfort zone. I have no problems with him being that way, but I wonder if he’ll get picked on when he’s older. That is also probably something that’s likely anyway, given his genetics. Husband and I weren’t the most picked on people, but we were never popular and had our share of bullies, it just seems worse when it’s my little guy who’s going to be hurt by it. Though I guess I’d rather him be the sweet, sensitive guy than the bully.


Comments on: "10 months (!!!!!) (and now one day because I didn’t post this yesterday)" (2)

  1. Flygirl said:

    Beautiful post…clearly written straight from the heart. I feel almost like I am sitting next you and talking to a good friend.

    Looking forward to seeing how the plans for the playroom develop.

    Isn’t it fun to think about how Calvin’s personality might develop as he gets older? I catch myself doing that all the time with my own kids.

    • It’s so exciting to see his personality develop. I catch glimpses of myself and my husband in his personality, and I love that I can see his sense of humour sometimes and I can’t wait to see the person he’s going to develop into. I think he’s going to (continue to) be completely awesome, but I think I’m supposed to think that 😉

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