I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before given that I’m such a library nut, but I finally had the brainwave that I could check out books for FrostedBaby from the library. We have some books here but not a ton and we’ve read all of them many times already. When I go to buy books I can’t make up my mind what I want to get. But at the library it doesn’t matter if I choose a book that doesn’t catch his attention since I’m not spending money on it. So I checked out a bunch that I think he’ll like, which is exciting for me.

I try and do storytime together in between his dinnertime and bedtime, when he’s tired but it’s not quite time for him to get ready. We sit on the couch together, with him next to me and snuggled into my side and we read and look at the pictures. He seems to like it, and he often looks up at me to smile and he’s started making sounds as I’m reading which sometimes sound like he’s reacting to the books, although he makes them all the time so I don’t really think he is, but it’s cute anyway. He has a fairly short attention span still and gets restless after about 10 minutes (up from about 5 minutes!), so I try to keep things short or if we’re reading something longer I’ll paraphrase what’s on the page so we can flip pages faster. He likes to turn the pages and touch the books. When we were at the library, he was in his stroller and I gave him one of the books to hold onto and he was very excited about that 😉

I think I was talking about his new laugh the other day. He’s changed again, where he still does the fake-sounding one, but now he’s doing more real belly laughs again and today he was doing a new type of belly laugh that I hope sticks around. I can’t even describe it, except to say that it sounds like a really deep belly laugh. I could listen to him do that all day and never get sick of it.

He’s started yelling randomly. I’m not sure if he’s trying to communicate something – hunger, boredom, tiredness? – or if he’s just talking or looking for attention. Sometimes he looks mad when he does it and sometimes he doesn’t look anything in particular. Sometimes he laughs if I do it back to him. I just wish I knew if it means something and what it meant, because I feel like I should be doing something but if I knew he was just making noise for the heck of it, it would be easier. And less annoying since I wouldn’t keep wondering if I’m missing something or should be doing something that I’m not.

We went to the Zoo again on Sunday. It was a beautiful day, mostly overcast but with some sun and a perfect temperature. We spent about 3 hours there and there were no meltdowns or anything this time. We were able to avoid the washrooms with the scary dryers (if he’d needed to be changed, I would have either just changed him in his stroller or else found a family washroom) and because he’s dropped one of his naps he wasn’t missing any and wasn’t overtired. We were able to see more animals and we rode on the zoomobile and he seemed to like that although he was usually looking the opposite way when I tried to point out any animals.

He’s growth spurting right now so he’s eating a lot, so in those three hours I had to nurse him once and he had dinner and then nursed again before we left. And that’s after eating a decent lunch before we went. I can certainly appreciate the convenience of breastfeeding at times like that, where I don’t have to worry about making sure I pack enough food since I always have food with me no matter what. I think I may never wean him 😉

He’s doing well on solids still and is more and more able to tolerate food with textures. I find it weird though that some foods will cause him to gag and others won’t, so I’m hesitant to try some new things if I’m not sure. I know it’s just a matter of trying them and if he gags then I know he’s not ready, but when he’s gagging I start panicking that maybe he’s choking and I don’t recognize the difference and it scares me. I’m giving him the odd random food to try (like a small piece of hamburger the other day or a blackberry and things like that) and he’s done really well. He’s started having yogurt, which he really likes, especially mixed with fruit, and I’ve tried cottage cheese as well but he didn’t seem to like that – he made faces and seemed less than enthusiastic about subsequent spoonfuls, then gagged and shuddered at one, and then he threw up a bunch of it. I’ll try again, but I can’t blame him for not liking it since I don’t like it either.

No big strides towards crawling yet, but he is rolling more and more and some days that’s all he wants to do. He wiggles in ways that make it look like he’s maybe trying to get his legs under him or that he knows if he moves a certain way he’ll get somewhere but can’t figure it out. He definitely likes it when he gets to something and can play with it or investigate it or whatever. We’re going to be in so much trouble once he’s mobile, since he’s always been so curious about everything. Now instead of just looking, he gets to touch it too!


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