I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

9 months, 1 day

This is a cut and paste from my other journal.

Apparently we are back to the changing every day stuff.

– He’s now rolling all over the place, though still less as a way to get around and into stuff as going to one toy and getting it and then laying on his back to play with it. He looks at stuff that’s out of reach and you can tell he’s trying to figure out how he can get there but so far hasn’t figured it out totally. He can turn himself around using his arms while he’s on his tummy and I’ve seen him pushing back a few times like he’s going to get up on his knees but hasn’t made it quite that far yet.

– He suddenly has so much strength in his legs that he can fully stand on his own when I hold him up, he just needs me for balance now. I put him standing in his crib and got him to hold onto the side and he stood there for a few seconds before he fell down. This is a huge leap from before when he could stand and bounce, but still needed support to stay up.

– He has a new sound. It’s somewhere in between a hard T, K, or CH sound, I can’t quite tell and it sounds different sometimes so I wonder if he’s still experimenting with it. He uses it at the end of “da”, so it’s like “DaK!”

– This morning he was playing peekaboo with me, and he was the one moving the towel over his face. Usually I put it over his face and he whips it off and laughs when I say “where’s FrostedBaby?” but this was the first time he was the one moving the towel in front of his face. And sometimes he’d leave one eye peeking out and would laugh and cover it when I said that I could still see him.

– He understands “where’s the cat?” – he turns and looks at him. It’s not always, depending on what he’s doing, but it’s often enough that I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

– Top two first molars are in (next to the canines that aren’t in yet) and I think I see evidence that the bottom two are coming in. His gums look a bit puffy and I think I can see a line on his right side. That would make him have 10 teeth, on his way to 12. I think he’s been so busy growing teeth he hasn’t had time to crawl πŸ˜›

– 1 <– That’s from FrostedBaby

– He has a new laugh. Instead of his adorable belly laugh, he does this “uuuuuhuuuuuuuh” sound, almost like he’s faking it except he does it even when I’m tickling him. It’s more of a back of the throat laugh instead of a full out belly laugh like before. It’s not as cute as it was, and he doesn’t make the great shrieky sounds in between laughs that I used to love 😦 Occasionally he does a belly laugh but not usually anymore. I wonder if it’s a developmental thing or what. Actually, it sounds a lot more like his old laugh that he used to do at like 6 weeks before the belly laugh started. Interesting. I don’t know what it means, but it’s still interesting.


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