I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

Point forms of some major stuff, then I’ll post and see if it does it properly before I write out a novel. I’ve not been able to post anything for the past while because it only posts the title and then actual update part is blank.

– FrostedBaby is 8 months, 3 weeks, 2 days old.
– He learned how to roll over onto his tummy about two weeks ago and now spends a good portion of his day wanting to do that. He seems to want to go places and get at things, but hasn’t figured it out yet.
– Teeth numbers 9 and 10 are just breaking through the gums. They’re both the first molars on each side. He’s been miserable about it the last couple of days, poor little guy.
– His hair is definitely curly. As if he needed to be any cuter!
– I’ve started giving him some finger foods to feed himself, just the rice crackers and puffs that dissolve really quickly on contact with saliva since I’m not quite sure how good he is at chewing. It’s mostly about the motor skills and getting used to more solid things in his mouth. He’s really enjoying them and he is so adorable when he’s eating.
– Also got him a straw sippy cup to get him used to that. He figured it out the first time I gave it to him, but sometimes he thinks waving it around and watching the water slosh around is more fun.

Going to post this and see if it posts. If it does, I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow with a more full update. I’ve been so sad I haven’t been able to write here!


Comments on: "Well, that worked, let’s try a longer update" (2)

  1. Silverdollar said:

    It worked! Nice work on the rolling little guy!

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