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7 months, 2 weeks, 2 days

I think FrostedBaby’s hair may be getting curly. It makes sense since both husband and I were blonde-ish and curly when we were younger. Husband still has curly hair but it’s less those wonderful angel curls that it used to be (god, he was sooo cute) and more the type that grow big rather than long. My hair is straight as a board now. And we’re both darker than we were as kids, though I think that’s pretty common. I wonder why that is. He started getting little wispy curls around the ears first, usually after his hair got wet because I had to wipe him down after puking or whatever, and lately it’s started on the top of his head too. He gets a bath every day (but soap and shampoo every other day) because I think it’s important to wash certain areas well every day (besides the obvious areas, also included are under his chin(s), his armpits, and his hands because they tend to collect grossness because of the folds) and I always wet his hair and then flatten it down, but some days it refuses to lay flat and goes into these awesome curls. It’s so cute and he looks like a different kid. Unfortunately, if I put a shirt on over his head, they break apart and get less curly and more messy-looking so it looks like he has bedhead all the time.

I started this earlier today and got called away, so posting it now. Apparently I’m going to be posting short posts for now instead of big huge long ones.