I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

7 months, 1 week, 3 days

Where does the time go? I could have sworn I posted not too long ago, and I see that it was almost a month ago.

We took FrostedBaby to the Zoo today. If you buy a family membership, it’s only a little more than the cost of three individual visits, and since it’s pretty close to us and his attention span is so short, it makes sense for us to get the membership and then we can go for a couple of hours at at time and not worry about it. Or if he has a meltdown and we have to leave after half an hour, it’s okay. So we went and signed up and then walked around a bit. We got to the polar bear exhibit (where there was all this hype about the new baby polar bear and he was nowhere to be seen!) and I was holding him so he could see (and we got there just in time for the keeper to be throwing veggies in for them, which was neat, and I got to tell FrostedBaby how the polar bears are eating carrots and apples too, just like him!) and I felt that his pants were wet. We went back to the closest washroom (luckily not far away) and my husband took him in (since there was a big sign outside both washrooms that there were changing facilities inside! How often is there change tables in the men’s washroom) and naturally it was busy and people kept turning on the hand dryers, which scare him (FrostedBaby, not my husband) and he was crying a lot. Poor kid. I hate those stupid dryers.

He was also tired since it was his naptime so he had a meltdown a bit later on when the sun was in his eyes and I dared to put his new sun hat on his head. At first he seemed mollified by having the sun blocked from his eyes, but then he decided he was still upset. We snuggled a bit and he fell asleep while we were walking so we went around to a few more exhibits, then he woke up just in time to see my favourite – the common marmosets! (for those of you visiting from ivf dot ca, my picture is one)  He was interested in them but was still tired since he didn’t sleep too much, just enough to get over the crankies. We headed out after that since it was getting to be his dinner time. I would have brought his food with us but didn’t think we’d be there that long (and wouldn’t have been if he hadn’t fallen asleep). I breastfed him in the car before we left, which also greatly improved his mood, then he had dinner and went to bed. I look forward to going again, hopefully with less meltdown, although I’m not sure how to avoid going into the bathrooms with the loud dryers. Maybe see if the family washrooms are available because I think those are individual, but not all the washroom places have those, I don’t think. I had checked him when we got there, but he must have pooped shortly after. He started making his “there’s something wrong” whining noises at some point when we were walking, but I thought he was maybe objecting to the sun or something.

Got involved making dinner and now it’s ready, so I’m going to post this and hopefully add more later. It was so great being able to go to the Zoo with my kid because we’ve been waiting so long to be able to do stuff like that.


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