I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

Probably just a quickie since he’s been down for his nap for almost an hour and a half and I’m expecting him to wake up at any moment.

Lately he’s been doing a lot of interactive screeching, like if I start going “aaaaaaaaaaaa”, he’ll chime in with his own. The best part is when he’s obviously waiting for me to join in or to start it so he can do it, and sometimes he’ll even laugh while we’re both doing it. Sometimes the cat will try to get in his own long meow in there too 🙂

He loves having dinner as well as lunch. He knows when it’s supposed to be dinner time and he starts being impatient and fussy if I’m not looking like I’m going to feed him when he wants it. He eats really well too, and often will gulp down the food he’s pickier about at lunchtime, which is good to know he’ll eat his broccoli or whatever easily at dinner. I don’t know if it’s that he’s more hungry, or what. I suspect it’s that since that’s the time he usually cluster feeds. I think his favourite food by far is bananas, followed by apples. When I give him either of those, he’s very eager to eat every mouthful and nothing comes back out and I could easily feed him without a bib except for the odd bit that goes flying if he doesn’t let the spoon get fully into his mouth before he tries to eat off it. Anything else he sometimes makes a mess, and it’s inversely proportional to how much he likes it – the less he likes it, the more mess he makes. The last batch of food I made I didn’t puree as much and now I’m paying for it because he can’t handle the lumps yet, so I have to re-puree everything or else he won’t eat it. The few lumps that have gotten through even the second time, he gags over. I was dumb and froze everything before testing it out, so now I’m having to thaw a couple of days’ worth at a time and then blend it again, rather than being able to chuck it all in at once and do it. Live and learn, I guess.

I was given some of those snack bags things that has the handle that clamps onto the bag and you put a piece of whatever into it and they can suck on it and get the flavour and juice and all without the lumps or worrying about swallowing anything. He had fun with one of those with a piece of banana in it. I tried giving him small bits of it directly, but he gagged even on those. I’ll be using those a lot more once I have a wider range of foods that he’s definitely okay with. I’ve heard you can even put meat in them and they can suck the juice out and get the nutrients, but does anyone else want to gag thinking about that? Gross!

It’s been so beautiful the past week or so – can’t believe this is March! We’ve been taking walks every day, without having to bundle up and take longer to get dressed than the walk is. We’ve gone to the park and swung on the swings almost every day this week, and we’ve had the windows open in the house a bit. The air smells so fresh, although I can’t open up everything yet since it’s still coolish for that. I think I’m glad I’m not pregnant this year, since if this is any indication on how hot the summer will be, yikes!

I don’t know if it’s a typical phase for this age, but the past week or so FrostedBaby has been startling at things and crying. Things like me pulling the blind up in his room, the blender, my husband sneezin , the cat running by, etc. And yet the loud truck we walked by or the ice crusher in the fridge are fine and get no reaction.


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