I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

6 months, 4 days

FrostedBaby is taking to solids like a house on fire. (I like that phrase and don’t get to use it nearly enough). He spent a few days making faces and not being sure what he was doing, and then he started to figure it out by the end of the feeding time (I hesitate to say meal because it’s so little and that seems to mean a certain amount that will be reached later on). Then on day 5 he knew what he was doing from the get-go. When he realized he was going to eat, he got excited and then start making “yumyum” noises as he eats it. If I ask him if it’s yummy, he hums back at me as if he’s answering me in the affirmative. So adorable! He went from eating maybe a tablespoon before he was done, to eating two, and then somewhere around 3, and then today when Daddy fed him (I was out getting my hair cut!), he said he was still looking for more when he’d finished what he’d set out (about 3 tablespoons) so he heated up the rest of the cube and he ate all of that too. He said he probably would have kept going too. So 6 tablespoons today. And that was not too long after nursing on both sides. And then when I got home he once again nursed on both sides. 6 month growth spurt, anyone?

Well, I sure hope it’s a growth spurt because otherwise I’m doubting my milk supply. He doesn’t seem to be hungry when he’s done eating and there seems to be a lot of milk, but it’s hard to tell and I suppose he could just be eating enough to be satisfied and not need to kick up a stink when it’s not flowing as quickly, but the timing fits and he’s definitely eating more frequently lately, plus he was sleeping a lot before the increased feeding, so I think it is.

Only reason I’m even thinking of it, besides supply always being a worry at the back of my mind, is that at his 6 month checkup at the doctor, his weight had only increased by a pound over the two months, rather than the two that it “should” be. That means he’s falling off the bottom of the percentile charts and there was a decrease in the percentile he was at for the second checkup in a row (he was 75th at 2 months, 50th at 4 months, and now at 6 months he’s down in the 2nd). I’m not really concerned because babies gain weight differently, he’s just hitting his spurt now, and he seems to be fine, but I have to go back in 4-6 weeks to get him checked again to make sure he’s gaining. The big thing is that I don’t know what I should be doing, since I feed him on demand, I let him determine when he’s done, and there seems to be good supply. So I’m letting him eat his solids as he wants them (while trying not to fill him up so much that he doesn’t want milk, but that doesn’t seem to be a concern right at this moment anyway!), I’m making sure I do offer both sides which is a change because I stopped doing that when he was younger and never wanted the other side. He will usually eat from it for a bit, so I guess that’s a good thing, but sometimes he won’t be interested. That’s pretty much all I can think of that I could change right now.

The supply concern issues aren’t helped by the fact that I’ve finally stopped overproducing, so I’m no longer leaking all over the place, I’m no longer feeling that my breasts are full all the time, they often feel like there’s not a whole lot in there. Plus he’s sleeping longer at night again so after the first night of him sleeping longer, I no longer wake up after 5 hours leaking and engorged, it takes a lot longer to feel that type of fullness, though usually I can feel that there is some filling going on. But I always feel the letdown on both sides when he eats and I can see the milk in my shield and he’s swallowing a lot and not acting like there’s nothing coming out, so I’ll just have to assume that everything’s okay. It’s so much harder to tell when your supply is perfect for your baby’s consumption. I did notice that he was sleeping straight through for a couple of nights so my supply dropped to accomodate that, then he started waking up once for a bit and I started to feel fuller at the appropriate times again, so obviously it’s adjusting itself and not just going down and not coming back up.

I had heard that there’s another sudden change in development at 6 months like there is at 3 months, like from one day to the next you have a different baby. So far I haven’t really seen that, though it’s only been 4 days. He’s started making more complicated sounds occasionally (like saying what sounds like “tequila” and other things like that) but it’s still mostly “ba” and “da” and “tha”. He found his tongue, I think partly because his top teeth are still coming in so rubbing it against the gums feels good, and now instead of blowing raspberries with just his lips, it’s all about the tongue. That combined with all the drool is messy, but really cute. Right up until he does it while he’s eating, probably 😉  He sticks his tongue way out now too, which is different since he only stuck it out to where his lips stop before, now he sticks it way out. I had thought before that he’d gotten Daddy’s short tongue, but it appears that he actually got my really long one. He thinks it’s funny when I try to grab it.

He also thinks it’s hilarious when we mock his new hip-thrusting movement that he does. I’m not sure what that’s about, I’m assuming it’s either just a “hey, look what I can move!” type thing or else it’s a step towards crawling/walking or something. Anyway, he tends to move his hips back and forth so if we do similar movements, he thinks it’s the funniest thing. It’s been harder to get belly laughs out of him lately unless I’m tickling him or blowing zerberts on his neck or belly, but he usually at least smiles at us mocking him.

I am going out for a Moms Night Out with my moms group tonight, I’m going to head out in 20 minutes or so. I’m more comfortable going to someone’s house because that’s more my scene, although we’re just going to a pub so hopefully it will be more chatting and drinking rather than dancing and stuff, which I am so not into. If it is, I hope there are others who aren’t dancers either. I love music and I dance at home, I just tend not to do it in public 😛 Hopefully it’ll be a good time! Hopefully I’ll get to stay out as long as I want, which probably won’t be that late but who knows. With his growth spurt, sometimes he’s starving after a few hours though usually he’s not up until 2am at the earliest. But naturally he’ll be able to tell I’ve gone out 😛


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