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update on solids

After FrostedBaby got up from his nap, around 11:15, I nursed him at 11:30 (he wasn’t hungry immediately) and then we played for a bit and then we got him into his high chair (it’s actually one of those that sits on top of a kitchen chair, like a booster chair only it has a back and a tray) and got a bib on him and I heated up the sweet potatoes.

I don’t think he knew what was going on at first, though I can’t remember if I put some on his lips first or if his mouth was open a bit so I got some in that way. In any case, after the first time he was opening his mouth wide open for the spoon and seemed very excited, right up until he got the food on his tongue or in his mouth and then he made funny faces and didn’t seem sure what to do with it. By the end, I was able to put larger spoonfuls in his mouth and actually get some in there and he swallowed most of it.

I’m not sure how much he ate, but it wasn’t much (as I was expecting) but he was more receptive to it than I expected and he made way less of a mess than I expected. And then after a few mouthfuls actually swallowed, he stopped opening his mouth and seemed less interested so we stopped.

So day one was a success! I’m glad that at the very least he was very into putting it into his mouth, which tells me I was right that he’s ready and the rest will follow. A friend of mine started a while ago although her son is around the same age and he’s been showing interest for longer, and he doesn’t seem very interested and it’s been a bit of a battle with him (I’m not sure how much of one, sometimes she says something about something and then shows me a video of it and I get a completely different impression than she gave with her description, not that that makes her wrong since she knows her kid, but still, I’m not sure if it’s expectations or what), so I’m glad that at least we seem to have started off on the right foot.


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