I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

19 weeks 0 days

Houston, we have a rollover!  (I’m so original, I know)

Yesterday, on New Year’s Eve, FrostedBaby rolled over for the first time. I put him down on his tummy as usual and instead of sticking his elbows out to the sides like he normally does, he tucked them in a bit more and then he rolled!

What’s funny is that I’d said to my husband that today would be the day, and when I put him down that time, I told him to do it. I wasn’t really expecting it then, but I knew he was getting really close.

I told everyone that today he’s going to be potty trained 😉

Then this morning I put him down and got him rolling on camera. He is so adorable, the noises he makes when he’s trying to coordinate everything and you know he’s trying really hard to figure it out. And then he grins after he rolls over and sees me and I’m cheering for him – I really need to find different ways to say how cute he is!

So he hasn’t been napping well for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve heard all about the four month sleep regression, as well as sleep disturbances when they’re about to hit milestones. After rolling over yesterday, he’s napped twice today really easily. Right now he’s been asleep for almost two hours. Is it because he finally figured out the rolling over and can now sleep? Is it because it’s dark and gray outside? Is he fighting another cold, since both mommy and daddy are sick? (although I think it’s the same one that he recovered from last week, just daddy still has it and I just got it). Stay tuned to find out!

How interesting is it that they do that? Is it because their brains are working overtime? It’s not like he’s too busy in his crib practicing or anything. Is he too busy thinking about what he wants to do? But then why not do it? Maybe they’re busy growing the right muscles or something. I’m just glad that naps were the problem and not sleeping at night. I’m wondering if he’ll start sleeping for longer at night again now that that’s all over. Interesting creatures, these babies.

Can I just say how glad I am that we started the bedtime routine? Not only does it save our sanity, but when we were both feeling really awful last night and were dying to go to bed, we saw he was looking tired early and did the routine and got him into bed and asleep for 7:30. And then we got to relax a bit and pretend to be cool and New Year’s Eve-y (by watching a couple episode of a TV show we’re watching on Netflix) and then we went to bed. If we’d been waiting for him to fall asleep on his own, we might have been up for a lot longer and it would have been really bad.


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