I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

16 weeks 2 days

I was out Saturday night at a Moms’ Night In (meaning held at a group member’s house, rather than going out for dinner or something, which would be Moms’ Night Out) with a bunch of people from my moms’ group. It was a lot of fun, and not a lot of baby talk, which was nice. I feel like I actually fit in really well with them for the first time, like I’m not just an extra tagging along. I’m not sure if that’s because it was a more intimate setting (less noise going on, less distractions, etc) or if I’m just getting to know them better. In any case, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go but I’m really glad I did.

But naturally, FrostedBaby decided he was having none of drinking out of a bottle, so I had to come home early. I pumped 3 ounces after feeding him at about 5, then he woke up right before I left so I fed him, and then I guess he didn’t need to eat until Husband was putting him to bed at 8:30, I guess it was. Husband couldn’t get him to take anything, so he texted me and I left. Shortly after that, on my way home, he got him to take a little bit, but then FrostedBaby started screaming again. When I got home, Husband had calmed him down again but as soon as he handed him to me, FrostedBaby started smiling (actually, he smiled as soon as he saw me, but seemed actually excited when he realized I was going to feed him) and ate fine. If the group was just down the street I would have headed back but it was in about 10-15 minutes away and by the time FrostedBaby was down it was past 9 so I wasn’t sure how much longer they’d be hanging out. There was a really yummy looking pie that I didn’t get a chance to eat too!

As Husband said, I guess I don’t have to worry about him preferring the bottle :/

We’re not sure if he objected because it was his last feeding of the day or if this is a new thing. When I went out in October, he took the bottle but ate just small amounts and then as soon as I got home, he wanted to eat and that was his last feeding, when he always eats more and then falls asleep. Husband tried holding him like I hold him, in case it was a comfort thing too, but he was having none of it, just screamed.

We’ve been hoping to do a Date Night to celebrate our fifteenth dating anniversary (!!!!!!!!) next week and have my parents watch FrostedBaby, but we might have to re-evaluate exactly what we do and when we do it. If he’ll take enough so we can be out for a proper dinner (we usually do celebratory dinners at The Keg, so not a fast place like Swiss Chalet or something), then that’s great as long as we’re back in time for his last feed. But if not we might have to do a fairly quick, early something. It doesn’t really matter, but it would be nice to have some time, however quick, for just us. And just so we’ve done it and maybe we’ll get into the habit of doing it when it goes well. (I hope!)

I just booked FrostedBaby’s four month doctor appointment 😦 It’s on the 23rd. Hopefully if he’s cranky from the needles he’ll be over it within 24 hours or so, since everyone’s coming over on the 24th for xmas and staying until the 25th. Luckily Husband will be able to come this time, not that it’ll make it that much easier, but it kind of does. Maybe he can hold FrostedBaby and I can get my boob ready to feed him so I can comfort him faster and hopefully decrease the amount of real crying. Not looking forward to that at all.

The sleeping is going really well, both bedtime and naps. If he seems to be getting tired we start the routine earlier and he often goes to bed earlier. He naps at least twice a day, sometimes three times but again it depends on how tired he seems. On Sunday he wouldn’t nap at all, he just cried and cried (real crying, the kind I’m not going to ignore) when I put him down and wouldn’t sleep. But today he went down and then when he woke up he wasn’t crying so I gave him his pacifier back and he went to asleep again, and slept for another two hours, so three hours total! That’s a first.. they talk about that in the books but I’ve never been able to get him to do that so far. And now that I’ve talked about it, it’ll never happen again. He was really tired yesterday and got really cranky when we started getting him ready for bed, his exhausted “I’ve had enough!” crying where he can’t stop. I snuggled him in the MagicPosition(tm) and he fell asleep without eating, though then he woke up about an hour later, ate, and went back to bed. Hopefully his extra sleeping this morning means he’ll be his usual cheerful self for the day. When he’s cheerful I don’t care if he ever sleeps 😛

I’m actually wondering if we should be either putting him to bed even earlier, or else making more of an effort to make sure he naps around dinner time since the last few nights he’s gone into that overtired crying phase. But I don’t see any real sleepy signs (no rubbing eyes, no yawning, he seems cheerful and wide awake) before, so I don’t know if it’s just starting the routine kicks him into sleep mode and then suddenly he realizes he’s really tired, or what. Tonight it was after he’d eaten a fair bit, then he was fussing because he had to burp. I burped him and then he wouldn’t go back on properly and kept crying. Tried him on the other side in case the milk wasn’t flowing fast enough for him and he barely put his mouth on it before he was crying again. Then once again I used the MagicPosition(tm) and he calmed down and fell asleep. After his three hour nap this morning, he took another short nap in the afternoon, and then that was it. He was snoozing around dinnertime when I was feeding him, but then when I put him down he woke up. I’m wondering if I should make more of an effort to actually put him down around then and that would get him through to this time without all the hysterics.

The big thing is that I’m not sure how well he does with straying from our routine, so I’m trying to keep consistent until he’s used to it before I fiddle around with it… but I would imagine avoiding the overtiredness would be good for all of us, but I’m just not sure how to recognize it since it seems to come out of the blue sometimes. I guess we can give it a shot and see what happens. I’m not even sure the overtiredness is consistent or what it depends on. And the one consistent things about babies is their inconsistency, so maybe it’s just a now thing, I don’t know. And all babies are different so as much as what other people do can be somewhat helpful, it’s not always applicable.


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