I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

gripe water tip!

Oh! Remember I said he hated gripe water and would gag and cry and act miserable when I gave it to him?

There’s lots of tips about mixing it with formula and they won’t object as much to it, but since we don’t feed him formula and don’t usually feed him from a bottle, that wasn’t happening. I finally decided to try just mixing it with some water, hoping it would dilute it a bit so it would be a little less objectionable, but I wasn’t expecting it to actually work.

Surprisingly, it did! He will actually drink it from the dropper himself now, which is so much better than squirting it into his crying mouth and hoping he’ll swallow some in between trying to spit it all out. And it works so fast, that stuff is amazing. Usually not too long after we give it to him (when he’s been fussing and burping hasn’t really helped, or if he’s spitting up a lot and crying in between), he ends up falling asleep. Good stuff!


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