I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

FrostedBaby changes a little bit every day. Over the last week or so, he’s suddenly started focusing on us and being interactive. He’ll laugh (kind of, it’s not really a real laugh yet, but they’re definitely amused trying-to-laugh noises) and smile at things we do and he’ll gurgle and coo at us and make different sounds. I’ve had a few “conversations” with him where he’ll make some noise and I’ll answer with “Yeah? And then what?” and that sort of thing and he’ll grin and make more noises and we’ll go back and forth a few times, which is so adorable. He’s started to make different cries for different things, though that’s been just the past few days and while we can hear there’s a difference, we can’t yet tell what means what. Luckily his needs and wants are still fairly simple at this point (hungry, bored, dirty diaper, burp, that’s pretty much it) so hopefully we’ll be able to figure that out pretty quickly. It’ll certainly take a lot of the frustrating guesswork out of the equation.

I think he’s been going through his 6 week growth spurt, which took the form of him being really cranky for about 24 hours or so, which was lovely. He’s normally really easy going and easily distracted from whatever’s upsetting him, but this was all evening and almost all day of him wailing on and off. We’d find something that worked (walking up and down, jiggling him, putting him in his swing, kissing his face, swinging him in our arms, holding him on our shoulders, cradling him, and so on) and then a variable amount of time later he’d start wailing again and we’d have to try a whole bunch of other things to find something else that would work. I was terrified that it was that purple crying that I’ve read about and have mentioned here, but then I ran into a friend in the parking lot of C.ost.co and she said it was probably his growth spurt, which made me so much happier because those usually last maybe a few days, whereas the purple crying lasts until 3-4 months. In any case, the real steady crankiness ended that evening, thankfully. His sleeping and eating have been a bit sporadic (in fact, he slept the entire day before the crankiness started, which should have clued me in and I thought about a growth spurt but didn’t clue in that he was already approaching 6 weeks, which is really dumb of me), but he hasn’t had the awful cluster feeding that accompanied the first growth spurts, for which I am grateful. At least crankiness can be passed between the two of us 😉

We had a baby shower with my husband’s family on Saturday, which was nice. Unfortunately the weather has turned really cold so it had to be inside rather than outside, so it was a bit crowded and very loud. I’m not a big fan of crowds so I was actually very happy that they set aside one of the rooms for me to be able to feed in privacy. The first time we went in there was when we first arrived and I felt a bit isolated, but after being there a while I was so glad to be able to escape and have a break from all the noise and commotion. He was really good but wouldn’t go to sleep because he was busy looking at everyone and everything, so I think he got a bit overtired and maybe overstimulated by the end. He stayed up for quite a while when we got home, then he crashed all of a sudden. They did the same thing they did at our wedding shower where everyone paid an “entrance fee” and we got the money as our collective gift at the end, which is great. I think we’re going to put the money into his RESP to get that off to a decent start once we get his SIN card. Because we don’t have time to write individual thank you cards to everyone, we printed off copies of a picture of us with him taken at our newborn professional photo session and wrote a thank you note on the back and handed those out. I hate the idea of not doing some sort of thank you, but I would never get that many thank you cards written before Christmas, especially since every time I try to get anything done that requires any concentration or time and can’t easily be dropped in the middle and picked up later, he needs me.

Speaking of which, he just woke up early from his nap. He’s already been up a few times more than usual. Normally he falls asleep somewhere around 1 or so and sleeps until at least 3:30, this time he fell asleep and woke up because I put him in his crib so I could get stuff done (normally he wouldn’t wake up even when I move him) and then fell asleep until now when I’m busy 😛 He’s lucky I didn’t decide to run some of the errands I want/need to get done outside the house. Ha. I was just about to get up to switch the laundry into the dryer and he started crying so I got him into position to eat and he fell right to sleep the second I had him there. Tricky little guy.

I’ve found in the mornings when he wakes up early if I bring him into bed with me and feed him laying down (I just mastered this position, before I felt like I didn’t have enough hands to direct his head and my boob all while trying to lay down comfortably, now he directs his own head more so I only need one hand to support him and I use my body to move my boob in the right place), I can doze while he’s eating and then he’ll go to sleep and I just roll him onto his back and create a safe space in bed for him and we can both sleep for another few hours. This morning we slept in until 10! I’m not a huge fan of sleeping in that late since then by the time we’re ready to face the day it feels really late, but I am less tired and I can often use his afternoon nap to get stuff done where before I really needed the time to sleep myself.

I started this yesterday and didn’t get to finish it, so I’ll just continue. Last night FrostedBaby wouldn’t go to sleep until midnight. He fussed and cried and fought sleep and drove us nuts and we tried all sorts of things to get him to sleep…. and then I finally swaddled him tightly and swung him around and stuck a pacifier in his mouth and he was out in seconds. Strange, those babies. Tonight I’ve had him asleep several times already but he keeps waking up. At least he’s not fussing and crying. I bought some gripe water (finally – I’ve been trying to get it for about a week and they’re always out of it) since I’ve heard great things about it. I gave it to him when he was doing what I think is his “my stomach doesn’t feel good” cry. It’s either that or it’s his “I’m about to puke” cry because he always throws up (distinguised from spit up because it’s obviously older stomach contents as opposed to what he just ate and there’s a bit more of it) after he makes it. Anyway, he hates the water. I don’t really blame him, it has a really strong dill flavour to it (I had to try it after he made horrible faces and gagged). BUT! He stopped making that cry and he hasn’t cried since! I can deal with him being upset briefly if it makes him feel better or at least not complain so loudly in the long run. I hear that you can add it to a bottle of breastmilk to make it go down better, but I’m unconvinced that that would work. Guess we might try it if it’s a huge problem. I’m not sure how much I got into him today, but it seemed to work and it was nowhere near the amount they say for his age so I guess a little goes a long way? Maybe he just stopped crying because he didn’t want me to keep giving him that stuff 😉

I am now heading off to bed since FrostedBaby is down and it’s late. We have our last MW appointment tomorrow morning and then I’m heading to my parents’ to visit for the day. I think my mom and I are planning on going clothes shopping. My shirts are all many years old and a lot of them have started shrinking so they’re too short. I despise shopping, so here’s hoping it goes smoothly.


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