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9 weeks 6 days old

My afternoon and evening out was a success! I didn’t leave as early as I was planning as I had to coordinate with my husband’s work schedule, so I got stuck in the beginning of rush hour, so I was later than I really wanted to be to my parents’ and didn’t get to see them as long as I would have liked, but oh well. Had a really nice dinner and I’m hoping we’ll do it again sometime.

I actually wasn’t that worried, aside from the whole coming back and him deciding he likes the bottle better, but in fact he seemed happy that his boobs were back home. My husband said he ate okay, but was more fussy than he usually is, though he’s often fussy on the boob too depending on if he has gas or if I respond too early for his hunger cues and so he doesn’t eat properly because he’s not as hungry as he could be. In any case, he does not prefer the bottle and I’m very happy about that. It’s pretty much perfect – he’ll eat okay off the bottle but prefers the boob. Then I have some freedom and can leave without worrying about him starving, but most of the time he’s happy that I’m there to feed him.

It was nice to be myself for a little while. Not that I’m not myself with the baby around… but I can’t fully concentrate on anything because I’m always anticipating him needing me. It was nice to eat a whole meal without feeling the need to rush or being interrupted. It was weird when I was getting my stuff together to leave. I have no idea what I personally need anymore. I did a mental diaper check. No, I don’t need diapers. No, I don’t need a change of clothes. No, I don’t need 15 burp cloths. Got my wallet, my cell phone and my keys. That’s all I need! Weird!

The last… week or two, I think it is (time blurs together so badly these days), FrostedBaby has been increasing his time being asleep. He went from sleeping for 3 hours at a time a few weeks ago to 6 hours for a few days (I wrote about that one), then it was 7 hours, and last night he slept 8 hours! Of course, any time he sleeps longer than usual I wake up and have to go check on him, and my boobs get all full and painful and I wake up with huge wet spots on my pajamas (yes, I wear breast pads to sleep but they’re the reusable kind and they’re fine if they’re adjusted to whatever schedule he’s keeping, but not so great if he goes a lot longer). Then I debate whether to wait him out or to pump some or to hand express. They adjust within a few days of the same type of schedule, but it’s unpredictable. He could do 8 hours tonight, he could do 3 hours, he could do 12 hours, or anything in between. Then after sleeping for 8 hours he finally woke up and relieved some the pressure, went back down after about 40 minutes, then slept for another little bit over an hour, then I took him into my bed and fell asleep feeding him (I’m not worried about doing this since I’m a very light sleeper) and we slept for another 2 hours together and didn’t get up until 11. He didn’t wake up until noonish, I think it was, when I had showered and brought him downstairs to change his diaper and let him sleep down here where we were. He woke up and ate and then slept a good part of the afternoon as well. He was awake most of yesterday so I’m guessing he was making up for that? He woke up this evening and was cranky in an overtired way, which is frustrating because often he won’t sleep even if his eyes are really heavy. I guess that’s pretty normal, judging from a lot of the kids I know.

He has this new game where I flip his flannel blanket over his face while he’s laying on his change table and he can now purposely move his arms so that it flips off his face. And then he grins and laughs. He’ll actually wait to wave his arms until it’s coming towards him and sometimes he waves them really fast and hard and whips the blanket off. He laughs the most then. I actually got it on video, which surprised me since as I’ve said many times before, as soon as I start filming, he stops whatever he’s doing. I was sneaky about it and propped the camera up off to the side so it wasn’t right in his face.

We have a busy week coming up. Monday I’m going for lunch with a couple of my co-workers, one who is also on mat leave. Tuesday I think I’m taking my husband to the airport and seeing my family and/or a friend who is in the area and if I’m not doing that then I’ll be at my mom’s group weekly gathering. Wednesday I’m supposed to see my sister (not sure if I’m going there or if she’s coming here, but I have some stuff to take to her and she doesn’t drive so I’ll probably go there). Thursday is the breastfeeding support group. Friday I’m picking up my husband from the airport (assuming I dropped him off and he needs a ride) and again probably seeing either my family and/or another friend who is out that way. If I don’t drop him off and pick him up, I may either keep that day open if I’m tired by then, or not. I don’t mind being at home for a good portion of the day, but I do like having something going on so I leave the house. I find by the evening when he’s fussy it’s a lot harder to deal with if I haven’t done something else during the day.

I’m planning on signing us up for the baby group at the library, where they sing songs and read books. He’s a bit young, but he does enjoy it when we sing and I figure it’s never too early to be introduced to the library 😉 Plus it’s another opportunity to meet other moms, maybe some that I’ll actually really click with. So far the only potential one is J and while I enjoy her company I’m not sure we click in the way I’m looking for. Not that I’m having issues keeping myself busy 😉 The one thing with the library program is that the thing is at like 9am, which is really early considering how long we are usually asleep for. I just wouldn’t go back to bed after his morning feeding (usually around 6 or 7), but it does mean a bit less sleep for me. Though maybe he’ll stay awake and then go to bed earlier in the evening. I’m not sure if newborns adjust their schedules like that… although when we sleep in in my bed until 10, I do think he tends to go to bed later. I should keep track and see because that would motivate me not to sleep in so much 😉 He’s cheerful in the mornings so it’s fine when he’s awake. When I’m tired and he’s tired and cranky, I really appreciate him going to bed earlier.

Speaking of which, he’s down and I’m tired. I keep hoping he’ll go to bed early and I’ll get a chance to have a beer but lately it’s been past 11 and I’m tired and just want to go to bed myself. I used to go to bed when he was asleep earlier, but he also was sleeping less. I’ll probably never drink again 😛


How fast he grows

I forget how I posted pictures before, so here’s hoping I can figure it out again. I do remember that it wasn’t as easy as it should have been.

This is to demonstrate how fast he grows. This is a picture of him wearing the same sleeper, at somewhere around 2 days old and a few days ago during his 8th week. Note he actually fills it out now and we no longer have to roll the sleeves up. Before he would move his legs and his feet would come out of the sleeper feet, but now that doesn’t happen anymore.


gripe water tip!

Oh! Remember I said he hated gripe water and would gag and cry and act miserable when I gave it to him?

There’s lots of tips about mixing it with formula and they won’t object as much to it, but since we don’t feed him formula and don’t usually feed him from a bottle, that wasn’t happening. I finally decided to try just mixing it with some water, hoping it would dilute it a bit so it would be a little less objectionable, but I wasn’t expecting it to actually work.

Surprisingly, it did! He will actually drink it from the dropper himself now, which is so much better than squirting it into his crying mouth and hoping he’ll swallow some in between trying to spit it all out. And it works so fast, that stuff is amazing. Usually not too long after we give it to him (when he’s been fussing and burping hasn’t really helped, or if he’s spitting up a lot and crying in between), he ends up falling asleep. Good stuff!

8 weeks 6 days (or two months and a day)

I cannot believe how fast time is going. Although it’s that combination of can’t believe it’s been so fast, and can’t believe it’s only been two months. I can’t remember what my life was like before him. I feel complete for the first time in a really long time, probably since we started wanting to have a baby and felt the absence, though we only started to feel really desperate about it all a while after that.

The development email that I get emailed to me said that at two months he might finally start to smile and interact with us. Um. He’s been doing that since he was 10 days old. Friends of ours were saying that their baby barely opened his eyes for the first 3 months, so it’s really no wonder why people keep commenting on how alert FrostedBaby is. Obviously I have a genius on my hands.

He’s starting to open and close his hands, usually randomly, which I’m guessing is a precursor to being able to reach for things and grab them properly. His hands are mostly closed in fists except occasionally when he stretches them out but that doesn’talways seem voluntary. If I hold my hand out to him and say, “give me five!”, he puts his fist against my palm, which is pretty cute. I’m not positive if he’s doing it on purpose or if he just always happens to wiggle in that direction when I do it, but he does it every time.

I weighed him on our bathroom scale and it says he’s 12.5 pounds, which is probably mostly accuate considering he was 11 pounds at our last MW appointment over 2 weeks ago. He’s moved up a size in diapers (mostly because I bought the big box and the size he was wearing were somewhat small and we’re hoping to go back to cloth again now that his rash has cleared up and I have some cloth-friendly rash cream coming as well as some inserts that I’m hoping will help with the wetness factor, which I think is the issue) and the stack of clothes that no longer fit him is growing. He’s almost too heavy for the changing table part of our pack n play, which is very sad because we really like having that. I’m thinking we’ll grab a second changing pad and use it on the table until he starts being too mobile for that, then at least he can be comfy if we change him on the floor where it’s safer. I know a lot of people change their babies on the couch or wherever they happen to be, but I really like having a specific place for that where we can have the diapers and all nearby, plus then if he pees or something I don’t have to worry about him getting the couch. It deals with enough body fluids (mostly milk, either fresh or spit up) that I don’t need that soaking it too.

He’s very cheerful most of the time he’s awake, unless he’s hungry or his tummy is bothering him or something. The other night he started screaming (like the hysterical worst kind of screaming there is, any parent of a newborn knows what I’m talking about – it’s the kind we never hear from him unless we’re in the car and can’t tend to him within a few minutes, he usually starts off slow and then ramps up) and no matter what I tried, he would not stop. I tried feeding him, burping him, stripping him in case he was hot, checking the diaper I just changed in case I somehow tucked him into the elastic, giving him his pacifier, giving him my finger (haha, that sounds like I flipped him off), walking him around, jiggling him, putting him in his swing, laying him down, sitting him up, etc etc etc and I tried almost everything several times. I was to the point of calling my parents or going to the drug store for Tylenol (I had a cold, so thought maybe he was starting to come down with it and had a headache) when he finally stopped screaming enough to latch on and eat and then he ate like he’d never eaten before and fell asleep and slept for 6 hours. That’s great that that’s all it was…. but WHY DIDN’T YOU EAT THE FIRST 239879875 TIMES I OFFERED IT TO YOU? It would have saved both of us a lot of stress. I’m glad he doesn’t appear to have gotten my cold, although he slept a lot while I was sick so I wonder if he was fighting it. Or perhaps my antibodies stimulated his immune system and made him sleepy? Or maybe he’s growing so that I’ll have to put more of his clothes in the storage bin.

I think his hair might be getting lighter. He was born with dark brown hair, but it looks like the stuff under it that’s growing in new is much lighter. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s exposed to light and sun and so it lighter because of that. Both my husband and I were blonde-ish and curly when we were babies, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he did that too. So far no curls except occasionally if his hair is wet it looks like there’s a bit of a curl to it, but it also hasn’t grown all that much since he was born, I don’t think. He did get a bald spot all along his head (sides and back) from where he was sleeping on it, but that’s mostly grown back. It’s not hugely lighter than the rest of it, so it’s hard to tell what’s happening.

Developmentally he’s continued to be more interactive, though there hasn’t been any huge jumps since the one where he went from making hardly any noise to talking up a storm. He’s making more and more noises like he’s trying to actually talk, and sometimes it sounds like he’s actually saying things, which is usually funny. My husband was away on business this week and we did a video chat and I put FrostedBaby on and he was talking to him. My husband asked him what we bought at the grocery store and I swear FrostedBaby said, “ummm…” before launching into a bunch of chattering. Yes, I caught it on video.

Fussy moments aside, he’s such an awesome little guy and he’s generally really cheerful or at least content. Even his fussy moments are usually because of something (his tummy is upset, or being tired, or whatever) and he’s generally still easily distracted from his crankiness. My husband was away for a couple of days last week and this week and aside from that one night, it’s gone quite smoothly, even when I was sick. This is good because he’s also away a few days this coming week and the week after. I find the evenings the hardest, as I anticipated, but it’s not because he’s been bad (again, except for The Screaming Night), it’s just that I’m tired and haven’t had a break, but it’s not awful.

He’s started sleeping for 6 hours at night the last few nights, which has been really nice, especially when I was sick. My boobs get rather full and sore by the time he wakes up, but then he’s also quite hungry and generally does a good job of emptying them quickly. And then he’s all full and falls asleep. I certainly cannot complain about his sleeping, and he’s almost always really easy to get back to sleep.

This Friday is the night I’m having dinner out. My husband is around so I can leave the baby with him, but I’m still nervous about it. The big thing is that it’s about an hour away from here, so if they stay at home I’m that far away if I’m needed. I don’t think I will be, at least not that badly, since I have lots of frozen milk and I’ll probably pump some fresh in the few days before, but even after he eats from a bottle he often wants to spend some time on the boob. I like that, but at the same time it’s more stressful if I’m not going to be around. I’m also a bit afraid he’s going to start preferring the bottle (which is the main reason I like that still wanting to be with me) if he eats from it often enough. The other thing is that if they stay here, I’ll be leaving much earlier than if we all go to my parents’, which is closer to where I’m going, and I can feed him before I leave and then go. I’d want to avoid rush hour, and maybe I’ll go hang out with my parents without the baby along, which does sound nice… if I can stop the heart palpitations.

7 weeks 3 days

I’m going back to the weeks and days counting for my subjects because I can’t keep track of individual days anymore.

FrostedBaby has been sleeping better lately, though he’s sometimes sleeping for 5-6 hours and other times he’s up every three hours. I’m not sure if there’s a pattern for when he sleeps for longer, so I can’t really create conditions so he’ll do it every time. I would like to so I know how much to expect, but as they say, the only predictable thing with babies is they’re unpredictable. Guess I should be glad he sleeps as well as he does, especially since he goes back to sleep pretty easily most of the time. In fact, lately I’ve only been up for half an hour for most of the feedings. I don’t really mind getting up with him when he goes right back down again, especially since I’m usually awake before him anyway. Now I have company during my lack of sleep!

I was added to a Mommy and Me group on FB by a girl I know from the breastfeeding support group on FB who I met in real life at the BF support group here in Whitby and have been chatting with a fair bit. I decided to go to the meetup of a bunch of people at this Cafe/Playplace today in order to meet some people and get out a bit more. I met up with the girl I know as well and that was really nice since we saw each other briefly at the support group but didn’t really get to talk and we’ve been chatting a bit online, but haven’t spent any real-life time together yet. Don’t think we’ll become super great friends, but I can see spending time together frequently, especially since her son is just two days younger than FrostedBaby is. She’s a bit odd, in different ways than I am, which I kind of like. It was nice hanging out with people and just chatting about whatever comes up and all. I would definitely go again. Not sure I click super well with anyone, but it was also only the first time so who knows. It often takes me a while to really get a sense of other people. In any case, I’m glad I got out and the place is really neat and I had a good time – I was there for three and a half hours, and an hour past when my friend had to go. FrostedBaby woke up and ate and then I laid him on the ground with the other babies and he was smiling and laughing and being really cute.

The girl, J, and I are planning on meeting up at the support group this Thursday as well, and we’ve discussed getting together for movies or walks or whatever, which should be nice, especially since my husband is travelling starting tomorrow and is basically gone most days for the next four weeks. Not too thrilled with that, since it was supposed to be just the odd trip here and there and he was supposed to be reducing those, but I guess we’ll see how it goes. I think it’ll be a bit easier if I have plans to go out and meet people, although I guess I’ll have the evenings to myself, which is the part I’m most worried about since he tends to be higher maintenance (in a cranky way) still, though it’s been easier the last few days. It’s just really nice to have someone to pass him off to if he’s really driving me nuts or to add a different touch if he won’t settle with me.

I do have to be grateful for how easy a baby he is… J’s baby cries anytime she tries to put him down. He won’t sleep on his own, she has to hold him all day, etc. She says she’s basically stuck on the couch all day because of that (guess she doesn’t have a Snugli or other carrier, or maybe he doesn’t like it) combined with the fact that they only have one car, which her husband takes to work.

Thanksgiving was good, with minimal drama. Not much to report there. Rob’s parents both held him, which is the first time for his dad. They are so much more nervous and unsure of themselves than I expected, so I’m glad to see them warming up. I imagine they’ll be more hands on once he’s a bit older and they’re not so afraid of… whatever they’re afraid of.

I forgot to mention I had a MW appointment last week Wednesday, which was his 6 week checkup and our final appointment there. His next one will be at 8 weeks (two months) and with our family doctor. Anyway… he weighed 11 pounds even and he’s 50cm long, which is 2cm longer than when he was born, and his head circumference is 40cm, which is 4cm bigger. Am I glad he did that growing outside of me! 😉 All the tests they do were perfect and he was his charming self, smiling at her and being really cute. I don’t know why I keep saying he’s being really cute, since he’s always cute. I have to tell him that or comment to Rob to that effect so many times a day, as if it’s the first time I’ve said it. But it’s true!

Tomorrow I’m going to my chiro in the morning and then we have no real plans for the rest of the day. Husband’s off on his trip early on so it’ll be our first full day totally alone. Mostly I’m worried about how I’m going to work eating into the day, but hopefully I’ll manage. It’s not so bad during the day, but the evenings he’s less sleepy and more fussy and eats at inopportune times, like the second I try to eat something. I guess we’ll muddle through, whether it’s ideal or not.

I am really tired of a certain friend of mine playing the mommy martyr and constantly reminding everyone how much harder she has it than anyone else because she has a 3 year old, twin 2 year olds and a 6ish month old. Yes, that’s difficult…. but she’s been singing the “at least you’re not me, I have it so hard!” card ever since the first one was born. And none of her babies have been difficult, so it’s not that. Every conversation goes back to how hard it is to have so many kids and how no one understands and how easy everyone else has it. I’ve never complained about FrostedBaby, because he’s an easy baby most of the time and even when he’s being difficult, hey, at least I have him to be frustrated at! Not that I love every minute, but still. And she acts like every time I say anything, I’m complaining about how hard it is (which I’m not — I know he’s a really good baby) and has to remind me, AS IF I COULD EVER FORGET WITH YOU REMINDING ME EVERY TWO SECONDS, how hard she has it. And even if I were complaining, please don’t trivialize my feelings. And let’s not even start about her martyring when we weren’t sure if we would ever have kids. She was in the same boat once upon a time, so it’s not like I can say she doesn’t really get it.

She told us numerous times that after he was born, no one would want to hang out with us anymore because that’s what happened with them. Then when I said we’re as busy and popular as ever, she says, “oh, that only happens when you go from one to three, then no one wants to see you and you won’t be able to go places anymore”. Okay, you used one as the excuse to make everyone else do the driving, how hard it was to leave the house, and maybe people just don’t want to hang out with *you*, it has nothing to do with your kids. I’m sure everyone else loves hearing all about how hard you have it, meanwhile you’re on Facebook all day, you’re always doing stuff like making cakes that take 48 hours to create (and then complaining about how late you have to stay up to do it and how tired you are), etc etc.

I’ve always found our visits tiring and try to put as much time between them as I can get away with, but they’re especially bad now. They’re farther away, we have to do all the driving, I’m tired and less patient because of using all my energy and patience for my baby, etc. If she weren’t married to Rob’s oldest friend, who I do like a lot and do enjoy seeing, I would probably have let this friendship lapse a long time ago. Actually, I doubt we would have been friends in the first place.

43 days old (6 weeks, 1 day)

FrostedBaby changes a little bit every day. Over the last week or so, he’s suddenly started focusing on us and being interactive. He’ll laugh (kind of, it’s not really a real laugh yet, but they’re definitely amused trying-to-laugh noises) and smile at things we do and he’ll gurgle and coo at us and make different sounds. I’ve had a few “conversations” with him where he’ll make some noise and I’ll answer with “Yeah? And then what?” and that sort of thing and he’ll grin and make more noises and we’ll go back and forth a few times, which is so adorable. He’s started to make different cries for different things, though that’s been just the past few days and while we can hear there’s a difference, we can’t yet tell what means what. Luckily his needs and wants are still fairly simple at this point (hungry, bored, dirty diaper, burp, that’s pretty much it) so hopefully we’ll be able to figure that out pretty quickly. It’ll certainly take a lot of the frustrating guesswork out of the equation.

I think he’s been going through his 6 week growth spurt, which took the form of him being really cranky for about 24 hours or so, which was lovely. He’s normally really easy going and easily distracted from whatever’s upsetting him, but this was all evening and almost all day of him wailing on and off. We’d find something that worked (walking up and down, jiggling him, putting him in his swing, kissing his face, swinging him in our arms, holding him on our shoulders, cradling him, and so on) and then a variable amount of time later he’d start wailing again and we’d have to try a whole bunch of other things to find something else that would work. I was terrified that it was that purple crying that I’ve read about and have mentioned here, but then I ran into a friend in the parking lot of C.ost.co and she said it was probably his growth spurt, which made me so much happier because those usually last maybe a few days, whereas the purple crying lasts until 3-4 months. In any case, the real steady crankiness ended that evening, thankfully. His sleeping and eating have been a bit sporadic (in fact, he slept the entire day before the crankiness started, which should have clued me in and I thought about a growth spurt but didn’t clue in that he was already approaching 6 weeks, which is really dumb of me), but he hasn’t had the awful cluster feeding that accompanied the first growth spurts, for which I am grateful. At least crankiness can be passed between the two of us 😉

We had a baby shower with my husband’s family on Saturday, which was nice. Unfortunately the weather has turned really cold so it had to be inside rather than outside, so it was a bit crowded and very loud. I’m not a big fan of crowds so I was actually very happy that they set aside one of the rooms for me to be able to feed in privacy. The first time we went in there was when we first arrived and I felt a bit isolated, but after being there a while I was so glad to be able to escape and have a break from all the noise and commotion. He was really good but wouldn’t go to sleep because he was busy looking at everyone and everything, so I think he got a bit overtired and maybe overstimulated by the end. He stayed up for quite a while when we got home, then he crashed all of a sudden. They did the same thing they did at our wedding shower where everyone paid an “entrance fee” and we got the money as our collective gift at the end, which is great. I think we’re going to put the money into his RESP to get that off to a decent start once we get his SIN card. Because we don’t have time to write individual thank you cards to everyone, we printed off copies of a picture of us with him taken at our newborn professional photo session and wrote a thank you note on the back and handed those out. I hate the idea of not doing some sort of thank you, but I would never get that many thank you cards written before Christmas, especially since every time I try to get anything done that requires any concentration or time and can’t easily be dropped in the middle and picked up later, he needs me.

Speaking of which, he just woke up early from his nap. He’s already been up a few times more than usual. Normally he falls asleep somewhere around 1 or so and sleeps until at least 3:30, this time he fell asleep and woke up because I put him in his crib so I could get stuff done (normally he wouldn’t wake up even when I move him) and then fell asleep until now when I’m busy 😛 He’s lucky I didn’t decide to run some of the errands I want/need to get done outside the house. Ha. I was just about to get up to switch the laundry into the dryer and he started crying so I got him into position to eat and he fell right to sleep the second I had him there. Tricky little guy.

I’ve found in the mornings when he wakes up early if I bring him into bed with me and feed him laying down (I just mastered this position, before I felt like I didn’t have enough hands to direct his head and my boob all while trying to lay down comfortably, now he directs his own head more so I only need one hand to support him and I use my body to move my boob in the right place), I can doze while he’s eating and then he’ll go to sleep and I just roll him onto his back and create a safe space in bed for him and we can both sleep for another few hours. This morning we slept in until 10! I’m not a huge fan of sleeping in that late since then by the time we’re ready to face the day it feels really late, but I am less tired and I can often use his afternoon nap to get stuff done where before I really needed the time to sleep myself.

I started this yesterday and didn’t get to finish it, so I’ll just continue. Last night FrostedBaby wouldn’t go to sleep until midnight. He fussed and cried and fought sleep and drove us nuts and we tried all sorts of things to get him to sleep…. and then I finally swaddled him tightly and swung him around and stuck a pacifier in his mouth and he was out in seconds. Strange, those babies. Tonight I’ve had him asleep several times already but he keeps waking up. At least he’s not fussing and crying. I bought some gripe water (finally – I’ve been trying to get it for about a week and they’re always out of it) since I’ve heard great things about it. I gave it to him when he was doing what I think is his “my stomach doesn’t feel good” cry. It’s either that or it’s his “I’m about to puke” cry because he always throws up (distinguised from spit up because it’s obviously older stomach contents as opposed to what he just ate and there’s a bit more of it) after he makes it. Anyway, he hates the water. I don’t really blame him, it has a really strong dill flavour to it (I had to try it after he made horrible faces and gagged). BUT! He stopped making that cry and he hasn’t cried since! I can deal with him being upset briefly if it makes him feel better or at least not complain so loudly in the long run. I hear that you can add it to a bottle of breastmilk to make it go down better, but I’m unconvinced that that would work. Guess we might try it if it’s a huge problem. I’m not sure how much I got into him today, but it seemed to work and it was nowhere near the amount they say for his age so I guess a little goes a long way? Maybe he just stopped crying because he didn’t want me to keep giving him that stuff 😉

I am now heading off to bed since FrostedBaby is down and it’s late. We have our last MW appointment tomorrow morning and then I’m heading to my parents’ to visit for the day. I think my mom and I are planning on going clothes shopping. My shirts are all many years old and a lot of them have started shrinking so they’re too short. I despise shopping, so here’s hoping it goes smoothly.