I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

he’s here!

This is a cut and paste from what I posted online a few days ago, I have more to say now but need to eat lunch before the MW comes by and it’s time to feed again and all that. Seems like I do nothing but sit around, yet the time flies by and I have no idea where it goes.

FrostedBaby was born on Sunday, August 21st at 12:14pm, weighing 7 pounds, 0.9 ounces. I forget the other dimensions, but apparently he’s long. It’s not my official due date with my MW, but it is the due date given from our ultrasound and the one my ticker was based on. Definitely takes after me in the promptness department!

I woke up at 3am with a very strong contraction, got up to pee after it and my water broke over the toilet (go me! And thank goodness, because I had a lot of blood mixed in – MW said it was okay as long as I wasn’t bleeding and soaking a pad really fast. I had no idea that there could be so much blood involved, so anyone reading this who hasn’t given birth there you go  ). I phoned the MW because of the blood, she said to go back to sleep and call her when things were progressing. Well, we ended up phoning an hour later because I was very most definitely in active labour – contractions 2 minutes apart lasting 1 minute for the hour, quite consistently, and getting stronger. She came out to the house, checked me and I was dilated to 6cm and we were debating doing a home birth because it was either go to the hospital right then, or risk having him on the way. I was dreading the idea of contractioning in the car, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing it at home in case something happened. Got to the hospital, I was at 7cm, then an hour later I was at 9cm, then there was a very tiny bit of cervix still hanging in there for a while, which was really frustrating because I was DYING to push and they kept telling me not to. That was definitely the worst part of all of it.

Finally got to 10cm and was allowed to push THANK GOODNESS. Ended up pushing for 2.5 or 3 hours and he was happy up until then, despite his head trying to come out on an angle (they were trying to adjust him but it wasn’t working) but then his heart rate started dropping after every contraction so they decided to consult with the OB on duty, which turned out to be the one who did my laparoscopy last year (and who I really liked). They decided to help things along with the vacuum, so I got some local anesthetic and an episiotomy and then two contractions later he was born.

I ended up with exactly the birth I wanted – no drugs, no c-section – so I’m really happy with that. If this is my one kick at the can, I can be happy with the way it went. I did use nitrous oxide during some of the “not allowed to push” stuff (I was okay with that since it doesn’t affect the baby at all), but most of my “pain relief” was natural (heat packs, the shower, back rubs, different positions, etc). They also did a local anesthetic (I keep forgetting what they call it…. something that starts with a p that’s not perineum, block. Pudendal?) for the episiotomy. Not thrilled to end up with stitches, but since I got pretty much everything else I wanted that was super important, I can’t complain too much. I didn’t get to hold him right away and they didn’t wait to clamp the cord since they needed to check on him, but that’s okay.

He is so cute and perfect and amazing. I can’t believe he’s finally here and he’s ours.

BFing is…. not happening right now because he doesn’t seem to be very interested. He’s pooped twice for sure (maybe three times, judging from the sounds his butt is making), so maybe he needs to empty all that out before he’ll be interested. MW is coming tomorrow morning and has said the first 24 hours are okay if he doesn’t really have any interest in eating since he’s been nourished through me up until then. I’m going to keep offering it, but so far nothing.

Update from today: BFing is going better, especially with the introduction of nipple shields to help protect my poor sensitive sore nipples – I’ve heard they can reduce your supply, which is a concern… but if it weren’t for them, it would just not be happening, it was that painful even with a proper latch (deemed by the MW). The hardest part is the middle of the night feedings, as well as just trying to figure out whether I should be waking him up and feeding him or take advantage of the longer time in between before he decides that he’d rather eat than sleep after all and I’m up a lot more. Biggest issue is I’m having trouble sleeping still, so when he wakes up at 1:30am, I’m frustrated from that, I’m more on my own because my husband is sleeping (he gets up early, usually after the 6am-ish feeding (times are approximate) and takes him downstairs so I can get some sleep which usually goes better because I know he’s being looked after and husband isn’t snoring in the room with me), and he tends to fall asleep really quickly and won’t seem interested in the other side… right up until I’ve got him settled in the room and gone pee and washed up and am about to go to bed myself and then he decides he actually did want that other boob. It takes a lot of fiddling around to get things ready (pillow in place and him in the right position and my body parts coordinated with his body parts and all, plus he doesn’t like to open his mouth really wide so getting in there fast enough when he does to get a proper latch, etc., so having to do all that right after I just got everything out of position is frustrating. Plus it’s the middle of the night and everything seems worse then, regardless of anything else). But it’s getting better and as long as my milk gets established, I think we’ll succeed. I really enjoy the closeness of it and I could be dreading doing it all and the second he gets on (and it seems to be getting less painful, knock on wood) I’m so happy to do it regardless of the discomfort. Stubbornness is definitely a positive attribute in this case, which I have in spades.

It’s also easy to get upset about particular things, since it’s hard to remember he’s only been here 4 days and he’s only been interested in eating for the past two. It feels like it’s been forever (not in a bad way, more like he’s always been here) and I just have to keep reminding myself that he’s peeing and pooping like a champ so that’s the big important thing right now, the rest will follow. For all those taking notes: Definitely make sure you keep records of all the feedings, diapers, etc. It all blurs together really fast. And it’s easy to forget what you’ve done. I had a meltdown on the second night because he still seemed hungry but I couldn’t latch him properly and oh my god I was going to starve him and I felt so bad that we had to give him a tiny bit of formula (on the advice of the MW) to make sure that he was staying hydrated and had enough energy to feed (literally a tiny bit in a dropper, so not a huge deal) and it was the end of the world… until I opened up my phone and luckily I’d tracked that I’d already fed him on one boob for 20 minutes (a long time when it’s colostrum and his stomach is the size of a cherry) so chances are he wouldn’t actually be starving. And then my husband came and took him so I could sleep and was going to give him a bit more formula if he was still interested after getting downstairs…. and he didn’t even have to at that point, FrostedBaby just wanted to suck on his hands and sleep after all.


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  1. Congratulations! Hopefully you’ll get a chance to post a picture of your little boy. 🙂

  2. Hey, congrats. It really sounds to me that you have it all under control. I’m glad things went mostly as you wanted.

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