I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


Had my ultrasound yesterday, which went well. She says everything looks great and no worries.

– He’s head down. Yay!
– He weighs between 4.5 and 5 pounds.
– His overall size is average (exactly 50th percentile), but his head is “a bit big” and his legs are a bit short, which is exactly my husband’s body type 😛 (Actually, she said his torso is also short, which isn’t like my husband, but it’s funnier to say it without that 😛 I imagine he’ll grow into it, and I’m not too concerned about the “big” head since those measurements are notoriously wrong and she didn’t gasp or anything and subtly hint I might want a c section).
– He’s still a boy.

So all is good. My guess for the reason why my MW was wrong is because he tends to move around a lot when he gets touched, so since she was always the second one, maybe after being poked and prodded by the student, he moved in such a way (curled into a ball maybe?) that made it more difficult to tell. That’s what I choose to believe, rather than think she doesn’t know what she’s doing, especially since she’s the one I like the most 😛  (though really, as long as she knows all the birth stuff, I don’t care if she can’t tell a head from a bum).

We just returned from Walmart where we got a bunch of the last stuff we need in order to be ready to go.

We bought diapers. And wipes. You have no idea how amazing that concept is to me. We. Us. Need diapers.

Hahahaha. That sentence didn’t sound the way I wanted it to 😛

Even though we’re doing cloth, we still need disposables for the first few days, plus to use as backups. Hopefully he won’t outgrow the small size before we use them – it’s hard to judge and guess how many you’ll go through and all that, especially while trying to figure things out at first.

What I did not like buying was the pads for me in preparation for all the bleeding afterwards. I picked up a pack of adult diapers since I’ve heard that you bleed a lot at first and a lot of people say to take old underwear that you don’t mind bleeding all over and stuff, but I’ve also heard it suggested that you just buy the underwear kind and then there’s no worries about ruining all your undies. Sounds good to me. And then regular pads should be okay, though depending on how that is I might use my cloth pads since they’re so much more comfy, especially long term, but we’ll see how heavy it is and all. There’s also something psychological about it — kind of like how I never used my cloth pads when I was miscarrying, even when they could have easily handled it, it just seemed wrong somehow.

It’s been so long since I bought any kind of disposable menstrual product, things have really changed. I know they used to change the packaging constantly when I did use them regularly, but when you go years between purchases (I’ve quite literally bought maybe two packages in the last 8 or 9 years), it seems like it’s all different except for some of the brand names. Very confusing.

You know, it’s not that I dread my actual period so much, it’s never been that much of a problem for me as for lots of other people (minimal cramping for the most part, not terribly heavy flow where I’m ruining all my clothes or anything like that), particularly with the cloth pads being so comfortable, it’s just that it’s been the bringer of bad news for so many years that I have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that it might actually not be that way for at least a while. I realize that the first one isn’t really a period and then if you’re breastfeeding it can keep it away for a while longer, but for so long any sign of blood has been such a bad thing, I can’t imagine feeling neutral about it or not caring. It might be kind of nice to have a regular cycle without that hoping for it not to come for a while.

You guys. We bought DIAPERS. For a BABY. OUR baby. Who is coming soon. Wow.


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