I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


I wish every weekend was a long one. But then we’d need to have long long weekends of four days to mix things up 😉

So far today I haven’t done too much. Got some laundry done as usual, read my book, took a nap. I just went and downloaded two new eBooks and put a couple others on hold for the future. I love eBooks for the simple fact that the library is never closed for me now! Yay! Actually, I’m finding that I can sit in easier positions for longer with the eReader because it’s lighter and I can hold it in more positions comfortably. I’m working on a real book but I think I’m going to return it and wait for an e-copy to come in (I have it on hold at two different libraries) so I can be more comfortable reading it. I’m finding I’m avoiding picking it up because I’m really noticing the difference. Not sure if that will continue once I’m no longer pregnant, but it’s nice to have the eReader right now.

We were at a friend’s house on Saturday and picked up a bunch of baby stuff – bassinet, car seat, stroller, exersaucer, a play mat thingybob, and maybe a couple of other things, I can’t recall. They’re at my parents’ place currently until we get a chance to have husband’s parents bring their van out to transport it since it won’t all fit in our cars, though I guess we can bring it in stages rather than all at once. We are once again so so so lucky to have friends who are willing to give us all this stuff since buying it all new would be ridiculously expensive (well, we would just be hoping to get all or most of it at our shower(s)) and so much of it is really dependent on your kid. They might love it, they might hate it. And a lot of it they only use for a short amount of time.

I think I mentioned that they also picked up four bags of baby clothes that someone they knew was giving away for free, so I brought that with me and I’ve sorted through it and I washed all that today too. There was a lot of larger stuff, not so much the really little stuff, which is great since he’ll definitely use it. I’m not sure if a lot of what we have might end up not being used by us yet because of the seasons. There are a lot of like fleece sleepers in 3 month sizes, which (assuming he’s average size) would make it November, but if he’s warm like husband, he won’t wear it even if it’s cool by then. But! If he’s cold like me, he’ll be wearing it in August 😉 So yeah, there’s a lot that he could wear whatever the weather, or we can layer him, but there’s some I’m not really sure. But hey, it’s free and worse thing is that we’ll pass it on to someone else unused by us. There were a couple of frog things in there (something woefully lacking in the bunch we got from the other friend, in my opinion!), though I ended up not taking a few items with frogs and monkeys since they had those cutesy sayings like, “my mommy makes me happy!” and “Bananas over Mommy!”, which I think are rather egotistical of mommy to put on her baby and just kind of strike me as weird. They’re cute for someone else’s baby, but I feel weird doing it. It was hard though because it’s FROGS! And Monkeys! And what’s the deal with hardly any Daddy stuff? Maybe that’s on little girl’s clothes, or maybe it’s mom doing the shopping and buys that stuff so she buys the mommy stuff, but I just think that’s strange.

We went to my parents’ place after since husband was flying out in the evening. I hugged my mom and baby kicked her, so she finally got to feel him. I’ve been saying that now in addition to him being stubborn and stage frighty, he’s also rude. I’m so proud! 😉

Got together the addresses for people to invite to our shower in June that my mom and a friend are putting on. Hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, though I don’t think so. One of the challenges is that I want it to be a co-ed shower, so not just the women sitting around not knowing anyone since half the time the husbands are my friends too. So I/we am/are inviting those couples who I would have invited the female half anyway, though there are some friends who are technically his friends and I wouldn’t really invite the wife, but would definitely invite him. But most of those are people who he goes on his guy’s camping trip with (which is usually in early August, but has been moved earlier this year plus they’re not going away very far just in case) so he’s not sure if they might do something for him then, or they might get him later. Not that it’s a big deal, gift-wise, I just don’t want anyone to feel left out or something. Does anyone really care? Maybe they’re relieved. 😛


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