I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


I just went through a box of clothes we got from a friend of my husband’s the other night. Wow, kid has more clothes than I do already and he isn’t even born! Of course, I also don’t need to change my clothes multiple times a day because I’m puking or peeing or whatevering on them 😛 There’s some of the stuff that we probably won’t use, but there’s a lot that I either really like, or else am kind of neutral on that we’ll probably end up using. There are a few that I think are ugly or they have an embroidered logo with that itchy wonder under stuff on the inside (and if kid’s anything like me, that won’t fly – I’ve had issues with that stuff all my life) or whatever. In some cases, both, so even if kid is okay with it, I think it’s ugly 😛

Sadly, only one frog sleeper and it’s newborn and longsleeved, which might not be great for August. Unless kid is cold like me. But probably not an issue since I’ve put the word out among friends that I love frogs and that seems to be our big theme (not that we actually have one, but I put a lot of frog stuff on our registry and I just love frogs for some reason), so hopefully the frog quotient will go up 😉

My dad is over painting the room, which is pretty exciting. I feel bad sitting down here while he works, but he wouldn’t let me help and he likes to work on his own. We’ll probably go to the best pizza place for dinner (dad loves pizza, could eat it for every meal), which is a big thing since I think they probably use garlic (it’s really good pizza!) so I’ll have to eat something else if they do. Hopefully the place won’t reek of it. If it does, I’m going home 😉

Baby was kicking me in the cervix yesterday morning, which is not at all pleasant. Usually he does it once in a while and then moves on, but there were a bunch in a row so I had to start poking and rubbing my belly and jumping around until he finally moved. Good part is that he’s small so he still has lots of room and moves around a lot anyway. Hard to do because he’s so small and I’m never sure where he is specifically, so it’s hard to know where to rub. Although with my belly still being relatively small, it’s easy to wiggle the whole thing.

I don’t have too much else exciting to write about. Things are getting done, I’m feeling like we might actually be ready on the major things pretty soon and less anxious to get stuff done. We will have room painted today, we know what furniture we want so we just need to pick it up, we have clothes, we have diapers (well, cloth ones, not that you use those right off, but disposables are easy to find). Food will hopefully take care of itself, and if not it’s easy to get to a store, though then you have to choose bottles and all that. We do still need the car seat and stuff, but really, if he’s born now he won’t need a car seat because he’ll be in the hospital for a while, if he made it at all.

Haha, just saw my belly jump a few times. That’s pretty awesome. Usually I’m not in the right position to see it or it’s not happening in the same spot consistently enough to be able to look for it, but this morning it did. Really starting to feel the whole alien parasite thing 😉


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