I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


I had my monthly midwife appointment yesterday, and I was very proud of myself that I remembered to write down all my questions and things that I wanted to tell her about so that I would actually remember them all, instead of thinking I would and then getting in there and completely forgetting. That definitely worked better than trying to hold that in my brain.

I signed us up for prenatal classes. They just opened a new class that’s running on two Saturdays instead of a bunch of Wednesdays, which works for us because my husband travels a lot and is often away on Wednesdays, while he’s almost always around on Saturdays. Plus we get it done in two weeks (albeit all day) rather than having it all spread out. And evenings are not very good for me anyway since I’m tired by then. Hopefully it won’t end up being information overload, but I think there’s a lot of stuff that we know or have some idea about, so I doubt that. I guess we’ll see.

I am measuring right on for my gestation, despite my belly still being rather small (I figure there’s probably lots of hip room available so he hasn’t started really branching out yet :P), my bp is great, his heartbeat sounds great. She restated that all the u/s results came back looking great. She did say that the placenta is in front, which means I might not feel him until later than other people. Which is really bizarre since all this time I’ve been assuming it must be in the back and he’s right up front because I’ve been feeling him since 12 weeks and we can already feel him on the outside. She was surprised about that. So either I am really super sensitive (which could be why I was feeling him so early, but that doesn’t explain how we’re feeling him on the outside, that has nothing to do with my sensitivity) or else he’s really super strong. This makes me a little afraid for what it’s going to be like as he gets bigger and stronger. I may need an epidural for the whole third trimester! 😉

I’ve had a few painful kicks in the last few days, but I think it’s more that he’s managing to tweak a nerve somewhere because I don’t always feel the kick, but it’s more like a sudden zing feeling. I first felt it on the right side near my hip bone (the ones I can barely feel anymore, the ones that normally stick out the front), then I felt it on the left side, and this morning it was more in the middle. It kind of felt like he grabbed his cord and tried to yank it out of the wall of the uterus, assuming it’s attached somewhere near my belly button. Not such a huge fan of that feeling and hoping it doesn’t get really bad, since it doesn’t take much to make it painful for me. Given how painful the lowest setting on the EMG I had once was, and how she kept hitting nerves during acupuncture, I suspect I have a high volume of nerves all over my body. Lucky me!

Overall, I have to say this part of pregnancy is fun. Starting to show but I’m not huge and definitely fall into the “cute belly” category so far, and still can grow a bit before that ends, I’m not too uncomfortable most of the time, the morning sickness is mostly over (though I still have it on some random mornings, and other times through the day), I like feeling him move but it’s not keeping me up at night and it’s (mostly) not painful, plus I can feel it on the outside.  My clients are very excited about my belly and that’s kind of fun, although do they really need to remind me to be careful for the two minutes they’re in the washroom for? As if I’m going to leap on tables and start doing cartwheels if they’re not around to supervise.

My dad is coming to paint the baby’s room next week for us, which means we have to finish cleaning it out and buy the paint, so I’m excited about getting that done. Wonder how he’d feel about painting the whole rest of the house too…


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