I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels

20 weeks!

Yay 20 weeks! Welcome to the 5th month! Welcome to officially halfway through!

Welcome to pulled-groin feeling!

Ever since this morning I’ve felt like I pulled something, first in my right upper thigh and now all through my groin, like right over my pubic bone. I thought perhaps I had overextended it when my husband and I were, um, busy this morning, but when I looked it up after it spread more into my groin area than my leg, apparently it’s really common because all of the stretching of ligaments and the pelvis widening and all that. I expected a lot of the other types of pain – round ligaments through your lower belly, back and hip pain (haven’t had too much of that, particularly after I got my Snoogle, knock on wood), etc., but I had no idea about the pulled-groin feeling.  I figured I probably would pull something easier because of all the relaxin, but I think I started feeling the pulled feeling before I was *ahem* doing anything strenuous. Things that you don’t really hear about until you’re feeling it.

TMI alert, going to talk about sex, hopefully in tasteful terms.

May not have to worry about pulling anything in the future though with getting busy since it’s never happening again. Over the last several weeks for sure, and even the last couple months we’ve had our options starting to be limited with what we can comfortably do in bed, starting a few months ago with any position that put pressure on my belly (mostly because of his belly), but over the last few weeks it has become increasingly difficult to find any position that is comfortable and works and today there was nothing that worked at all, even remotely. Awesome! The biggest problem and frustration is that all the “helpful” things that are suggested for sex during pregnancy don’t work for us. We are perfectly shaped for each other when we’re facing each other, which is completely awesome and means I finish quickly and easily almost 100% of the time from that alone. But all the positions that are suggested in pregnancy are rear entry, which has never worked well for us. Imagine trying to put a banana in a banana keeper. Fits great when you put it in when they curve the same way. Not so great when they curve in different directions.

I knew we would probably have some issues at some point, but didn’t expect it so soon, and when I’m still relatively small bellied. We’re supposed to be taking advantage of the fact that we don’t need to time sex and can do it because we want and to enjoy the time we have to ourselves before our lives blow up and become unrecognizable because who knows when we’ll want or be able to do it again and then we’ll always worry about being interrupted.

Guess we’ll have to expand our repertoire of other things to do, which could be fun, but I’m a bit bummed about the whole thing.

I am not, however, bummed about the rest of things. Groin pain aside, I guess 😉

I think we have decided on a crib and other furniture that we would like and just need to go pick it up, probably in a few weeks, maybe after we get the room painted. We went to BRU and registered there for a bunch of stuff, although there was some stuff we need to decide on, but the majority of stuff is on there, both big and small. I went through our cloth diapers to figure out what we have and what we still need and what needs to be completed (for example, if stuff needs covers, how many covers we have and how many we might need to have enough). We seem to be in really good shape, with plenty different kinds to start out with to have an idea of what we like so that we can then go out and buy more of the stuff we like when we need them. They say you’re supposed to have 24-ish to start with and we have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 17 complete, with potential for more because I think my mom has some as well, so either we’re very close to not needing anything else, or else we will be able to complete what we have for minimal cost. Thanks to the generosity of a couple of people at eye-vee-eff-dot-see-aye, we’ve only spent less than $250 on all that. A lot of them are one-size too, so we will have some that will definitely fit at all stages and so even if Baby grows into the next size overnight, we’re okay for that. There are even some really itty bitty handmade newborn ones so if he’s really tiny he’ll still fit.

There’s still a fair bit that needs to get done, but it is nice to know that we’re getting there, and really, there are only a few things that he really needs right off the bat, as I think I’ve said before, and those few things are hand-me-downs from a friend (bassinette, car seat, that kind of thing) and the rest can be gotten quite quickly should we need to.

I had a dream that I was on the two weeks before my due date vacation and I went to work to say hi to the clients (why I would do that on the first day off, I have no idea) and then my coworker said, “oh good, you’re here, I’m leaving” and left to go do something so I had to work. And then later on (possibly another dream?), I was at my parents’ house waiting to go into labour and I was having these contractions and I was arguing with whether they were BH or real labour, and I was saying that we should just call the MW, that that’s one of the reasons why we went with one, to hopefully take a lot of that “should we or shouldn’t we go to the hospital” out of the equation. Think I need to sign up for prenatal classes, or childbirth or something, since I think I’m worried about it subconsciously. I’ve had a few dreams of that nature.


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