I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


I am (or almost am, depending on how you count) half way through! That both makes me sad and really excited. Sad because I’m enjoying this whole thing (so far :P) but excited because that means we’ll actually have our baby soon-ish! Which is both exciting and really really terrifying! πŸ˜‰

I started wearing my maternity shirts this week, mostly because yesterday my regular shirts were wet still from being washed on the weekend (I only have enough that are comfortable enough to get me through the week, and that’s getting borderline too). But then everyone kept saying that it was nice to see me looking the part and in new clothes and I was a lot more comfortable because of the length, that I think I might actually start wearing most of them regularly now. I’m big enough now that there’s a bit of a belly visible under the smaller ones. That’s a difference from last week.

What’s funny is that when I take pictures with my shirt up to show my belly, it looks huge. (okay, relatively. I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll look back and think I was so small, but still, it looks quite big right now) and it’s totally obvious it’s a pregnant belly, not just a fat one. But the second I put any layers over it, it disappears. I guess this is why the style is for tighter shirts πŸ˜›

I should go visit the second hand place and see if they have any more new stuff in that I can nab. I still only have one long sleeved, but it’s getting warmer so I’m hoping that I won’t have to wear a sweater over them for much longer.

I think I’m getting some round ligament pain going on, particularly when I first stand up or if I roll over at night, that kind of thing. I also get a sort of tight, heavy feeling in the very lower part of my belly from time to time, often after I’ve been walking from one side of the building to the other. I think it might be stuff growing or they say your uterus contracts when you do exercise, it might be reacting to the walking, not that I would exactly call that exercise, it’s definitely not strenuous. It doesn’t last long, either of them, but I’m going to mention it to the MW when I see her next to make sure it’s normal and not something bad. You always hear horror stories of someone saying they had pains that they thought were normal and then it turned out to be SuperScaryCondition#7836835.

We were at a friend’s place this weekend for a birthday and we started making a list of stuff we’re taking from them. It’s mostly stuff that are meant for newborns that they’ll outgrow in a really short amount of time (bassinette (why does that look wrong no matter how I type it?), infant car seat (only been through one kid), stroller that fits infant car seat (we’re pretty sure we’ll use one, but being born in August there’s only a short window of time when that will be needed, although it does also have the seat part, but that might only fit during the winter, I’m not sure how that all works exactly), etc). Of course, taking a lot of that stuff from them means we don’t have a heck of a lot to register for, which is okay by me but my mom keeps bugging me to register for Stuff! Lots of Stuff!

In other news, today was a much better day at work than last Tuesday was. We had GoodPSW back, which was a big help because they respond well to her, but we also worked at keeping the two most anxious ones apart. I had a plan in place to keep one of them busy, so when she came in (part of the problem is her bus picks her up first and she gets dropped off before everyone else, so she has lots of time to kill before anybody else comes) I asked her to help me fold some towels and then I got her going through the yarn box and trying to untangle a lot of it. During the day, she played the game a bit, but then I got her to help me rewind yarn into nicer balls. The best thing about that is that she doesn’t remember, so we could rewind the same ball of yarn every single week and she probably wouldn’t know it. It’s a keep-busy task, but it allows us to talk a bit and she feels like she’s helping me, so she’s willing to do it. GoodPSW kept the other high-anxiety person occupied as well and it kept everyone else calm. Not sure what will happen when we don’t have students to allow the two of us to do one-on-one stuff and still have the game going on with the rest, but I guess we’ll tackle that when we come to it. Maybe if I call my boss she’ll get us some help in that situation, or we might have full day volunteers by then.

So feeling a bit happier about work in general this week. It might help that I’ve figured out my dates for when I’m going off — two weeks before for sure, earlier if I get a note from my doctor, assuming they don’t tell me to go off for medical reasons, which I’m really hoping not to have to do.

I think this post is long enough. Time for some ice cream that I’ve been craving the last few days. For once my pregnant self and pre-pregnant self agree on what’s crave-worthy. No pickles though, in case you were wondering.


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