I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


Back from our trip. I outgrew my shorts that were pretty comfy at the beginning. It feels like they went from pretty good to being unbuttoned when sitting to needing to be unbuttoned while standing in about 24 hours, although I didn’t notice that much of a growth spurt, or at least not like the one from a few weeks ago.

Starting to get desperate for long sleeved shirts that are long enough. I bought some short sleeved shirts down there, and now I have a total of 5 short sleeved and 1 long sleeved mat shirts, including three I picked up today. I figure I can start wearing the short sleeved ones with a sweater if worse comes to worse and I can’t find many longer ones for the meantime, assuming I have or can find a cardigan or something that will go over them well. Still waiting for the heat to hit me, but so far I’m still just as cold as always. I wore all my new mat tops while down there (minus the ones I picked up today, obviously) and they are quite comfortable particularly for the length right now, but two of them have rather large necks that I’m not keen on wearing to work. They’re acceptable, but I’m not a low-cut shirt kind of person, so I feel like I’m exposed or in danger of being exposed constantly and I’m always adjusting my shirts to make sure everything’s okay. The ones I got today I can put a stitch or a pin in to keep it closed a bit higher, and there’s one I bought down there that I can do the same, so hopefully that’ll be okay.

Starting to feel pressed for time to get stuff done. We’ve decided what we want to do in the nursery as far as paint colour (just haven’t chosen it specifically) and stuff like that, so I want to get started on that. That doesn’t depend on gender, so we can do it anytime and not worry about being told the wrong one, which is nice. I want to further scope out furniture and finalize our choices so we can register or buy them or whatever. I want to look at other stuff and figure out what we need and want as well so we can register for that as well. But the big thing is figuring out the room and putting it together, since we can always buy a playpen and stuff like that after the baby is born, but we should probably have a place for it to sleep and be changed and all that.

You can tell I have a bit of a belly with clothes on now. It’s not extremely obvious, but if my stop gets flattened against my belly, it’s pretty clear. Think I can tell my clients without them thinking I’m joking around, but not sure anyone would pick it up without knowing yet.

I’m really glad to be home. I didn’t sleep well at all while we were away. Combination of a non-supportive bed (and Snoogle wasn’t helping at all), pregnancy causing lighter sleep (which explains why so many people say they have crazy dreams… more time in REM sleep means more dreams, and people probably remember them easier), my husband snoring, my earplugs bothering my ears (I’ve worn them for years, I have no idea why they would start recently), etc. I ended up on the couch a couple of nights, which helped, I had a couple nights of awful sleep (frustrating because I knew I was falling asleep, I just couldn’t stay asleep because of all the rolling over trying to find a good position combined with a noisy bed partner) and one night that was actually good, brought on by the awful sleep of the previous two nights.

Still haven’t gained anything, really. Scale sometimes says two pounds heavier than before, but it tends to go down again to either 1 pound or zero. Not sure if I should be concerned about that or not, I’ll ask at my MW appointment on Wednesday. Also going to ask about what baby classes they offer, if any.


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