I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


I went shopping with my mom over the weekend. I decided to go so that at the very least I would have some idea of what was out there for when I was able to fit into it, even if I didn’t yet.

Let me just break here in my story to say that I just saw my belly jump when I felt the baby kick, but on opposite sides. Felt it on the left, saw it on the right (not really that far apart, just on opposite sides of my belly button). Neat! And now I saw two jumps on the right side, though I didn’t feel it, but now I’m feeling movement on the right side but not seeing it. Cool!

Anyway, so my mom and I went to Thyme Maternity, which was recommended to me by a friend who found the salespeople really helpful and she was able to find some good deals. We went in and the salesgirl asked if she could help us and I said yes and she asked with what and I said, “everything!” and then I explained that I couldn’t fit my clothes but wasn’t that big yet, and then she finished my sentence with,”and you don’t know what to do” so I guess it must be pretty common. So she was explaining the different types of bands and pulling all kinds of stuff off the racks and really making it easy for me, which is good because as I believe I may have said before, I hate shopping and am totally clueless.

So I tried on a bunch of pants and a bunch of tops and ended up with two pairs of jeans that are so comfortable I literally have not stopped breathing sighs of relief since I put them on. I wore them out of the store, that’s how much of a difference they made over what I was wearing. I was totally sure I was going to find that I was too small for them yet and have to go find some other solution, but not so much! Turns out I’m perfect for it. And actually, looking at my pictures I can see the growth I’ve had and I actually do have a baby belly going on. It’s hard to see when I’m looking down on it and also when I’m in the mirror and moving around, but when I specifically take a picture and can compare, it’s really obvious.

I didn’t find any tops that I liked there. I’m looking more for the peasant style, where it’s all loose and flowy over my hips, but everything was that really clingy LOOKIT MA BELLEH type, which looks great when you have a belly, but not so much when I’m in the lumpy fatso stage. I’m not much into the clingy stuff anyway, so not sure if I’ll ever want to look like that. But if I do, I’ll buy it when I have a belly to show off. I did find one shirt in the style I want at Walmart, but that was it. I also have a problem that everything wants to show off your new copious amounts of cleavage, but I still don’t have copious amounts of cleavage and I work with seniors, many of them dirty old men. And that’s just not my style.

We also went furniture shopping to see what’s out there and to start comparing and deciding what we want. Looked at Walmart and at Ikea since they have a highly rated crib for cheapish. Haven’t made any decisions but we’re starting to have an idea of what’s up with the crib market. We can get some second hand from friends, but we’re starting to lean towards buying new because of some safety stuff (like if it doesn’t go together properly we can take it back, and they say the more a crib is disassembled and reassembled the more wear and tear, plus who knows what kind of wear and tear a kid or two has done to it) and because we were starting to think that this would never happen and this may be our only one (not by choice), so we may never get to do this all again. My parents say to do what we want because it’s a big thing and really special, though it makes me wonder if we’re being spoiled and selfish by doing that.


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