I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


I just posted on the forum to give away my old ovulation sticks and the leftover progesterone since I won’t be needing them before they expire. I’m particularly hoping I can save someone who’s doing IVF a few dollars with the progesterone since those are so expensive (or maybe it’s not if you’re paying that much money already) and you always need to buy a new pack, there’s never quite enough left over from the last one to carry you through the next one.  In any case, I hope I can help someone who is still struggling, either to actually have it work this time (not that using my leftovers is going to help them specifically) or save them a few bucks at the very least.

My husband moved back into the bedroom with me because we had a friend staying over the weekend so he couldn’t sleep in the guest bed. We’d decided he would anyway to get me used to him being there so when we go to Florida in two weeks and are forced to sleep together it’ll hopefully be okay. At least then I won’t be getting used to a strange bed and the snoring again. The first two nights he timed it badly and came in just as I was waking up (to be fair, I wake up a lot since I need to pee every few hours, so it would be next to impossible for him to time it well anyway) and I had trouble getting back to sleep (I have at least one time a night where I don’t just fall back to sleep as soon as I’m snuggled with my snoogle), but last night while I woke up when he came in, I think I was back to sleep before he was actually in bed. I was dreaming about a really cute MMA fighter, so I must have been in a hurry to get back to him! 😉


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