I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


I had to unbutton my jeans today. They’ve been feeling kind of annoying for the last few weeks by the end of the day, but today they were bothering me from the beginning, particularly while sitting. I tried unbuttoning them and they haven’t bothered me since. It’s not a problem since I wear a belt, but not sure what I’m going to do with my work pants once they’re too tight (and they’re getting there) since they have no belt loops.

My husband on a business trip this week and he got back last night. I asked him if I looked bigger in the belly and he said he wasn’t sure, but he thought so. Then he went to tickle my tummy and went, “whoa! It sure feels different!”, which confirms my suspicion that I can feel my uterus higher up now than I used to. Now instead of just being right above my pubic bone, it’s almost all the way up to my belly button. I notice a bulge there that I can’t suck in or flatten by pulling my stomach area up anymore. Kind of exciting to finally see some external differences!

Also kind of scary because now it really starts and I don’t know the first thing about maternity clothes and when I’m supposed to start wearing them and what there is out there and I despise shopping. A friend suggested that if I feel really lost I could go to a maternity store and they can advise me what there is and what would work and all that and then I can decide what I want. I’m okay for now, I’m just not wanting to wake up one morning and not being able to fit my work pants properly and end up being indecent. I work with some dirty old men and don’t need to give them any ideas. I just feel that I may be at the part where it all starts to grow exponentially and don’t want to get caught with no clothes. Hopefully my mom will agree to go shopping with me, I really really hate it.

We are going to Florida at the beginning of March (leaving two weeks tomorrow) and I hope I don’t suddenly outgrow stuff down there, although I guess it might be easier to find stuff for cheaper there. Or at least find some cheap stopgap clothes in the meantime.


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