I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


Ugh. Earlier this week I wasn’t feeling too badly, but the last couple of days I’ve felt really awful pretty much all day. I didn’t have any more gagging episodes (beyond the feeling that I was going to, but that’s the usual now) until last night when I was getting ready for bed (at 7:30pm).

I have two training sessions today at work, both three hours each and the second one requires me to stay an extra hour. I was going to come in later this morning as a result but when I woke up they were going on about slippery and scary the roads are and all this, so I left early, and now I’m here even earlier than usual. Earlier this week and one day last week they were doing that and it took me 3 hours to get one morning and I was a bit late the next time despite leaving early, so I figured it would be the same today. Not so much. Not sure if it was just because it’s Friday so traffic is usually lighter to begin with, so there wasn’t as much backup even though it was a bit slower than usual. Either way, annoying.

A friend was going to visit this weekend, but I had to cancel with her. She’s coming from 3+ hours away and I just can’t guarantee that I’m going to be feeling well or that I’ll even be awake and I have no idea what we’ll eat since I can barely figure out what to feed myself. Although I was craving a Wendy’s vanilla bean Frosty the other day (and woke up in the middle of the night dying for one) and that went down well, as did their chili. Which thankfully isn’t all that bad for you, so if that ends up being what I’m eating a lot of, I think I’ll survive. It was really nice to eat something that I wasn’t struggling to force down.

Almost time for training, yay.


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