I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


I’ve started actually gagging instead of just feeling like it. Not all the time, but it’s happened about five or six times today. Three times after breakfast, one time at lunch, and just now with no relation to food.

I can’t decide if it’s an escalation in symptoms, or if it’s just that my poor gag reflex is so super sensitive right now that sometimes I just can’t not do it when I feel like it.
Either way, not really impressed. Although I did feel really good for a long time after it happened this morning.

Can’t really complain though. I haven’t puked (yet) and it beats the alternative… if the alternative is not being pregnant and still being back at stage zero.

In other news, I emailed three places that offer midwife services in this area (the two closest and one that’s a bit farther but was specifically recommended to me) to see if they can take me on. I got emails from two of them yesterday saying they were full for August, but they’d put me on the waiting list. Then I heard back from one of them (the closest one, I think?) today saying they had a cancellation (I’m really hoping that means the person decided to go with someone else and not any other reason 😦  ) and to give them a call if I was still interested. There’s an info session on Monday evening that I’m going to go to and if I like them, I can book an appointment with them for around 12 weeks. Then I heard back from the third (the farthest away one, but came recommended) asking for more info so they can discuss my case and let me know next week if they can accomodate me.
There’s a huge shortage of them, so getting into one is really lucky, especially if you start “late” like I did.

I’ve decided to go with one if I can because it offers the personalized care that I want plus they offer up to six weeks of support after the baby is born, and they’re available 24/7 for urgent things. And even if they have to pass you to an OB because of complications or whatever, they’ll still attend your birth and be your advocate and all that. And it’s covered by OHIP, so there’s no additional fee for seeing one. I can’t see where I could go wrong.

They can either deliver at your home, or at the hospital. I’m not sure how I feel about a home birth. In some ways, it sounds great… but being a worrier and being my first, I’m not sure how I feel about it for me. So I’ll talk to them, but it’ll probably be done at the hospital, which is fine by me. And unlike your OB, you definitely know they’ll be there to attend you. And there’s two of them who attend the birth, so you get your own team even!

It sounds like they start seeing you after 12 weeks, which means I’ll still go to the clinic for that u/s and whatever and then if everything goes well, I’ll transfer my care over to the midwife. Every person who’s talked about having a midwife has raved about it, and some people have gone both ways and none have said that they preferred their OB over the midwife.

It’s hard to imagine actually needing one at this point, but seeing how quickly they book up I’m glad I heard about them and looked into it so promptly, otherwise I wouldn’t really have a choice.


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