I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


The co-worker who had IVF done just before the holidays told me yesterday that it didn’t work. That really sucks 😦 So now they’re trying to decide if they want to do it again. They didn’t have any left to be frozen (I forget if I mentioned the details, but I think they got six eggs and two of them looked promising, they transferred those plus a third that they didn’t think looked that great, but weren’t sure, and the rest didn’t make it to be frozen). Problem is that she’s pushing 40, or maybe is already in her 40s, I can’t remember and I can’t tell by her looks, so she doesn’t exactly have a whole lot of time to be playing around. And her husband is against adoption so it’s either this or nothing. That really sucks. I was hoping that maybe some of the good luck would rub off on her.


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