I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels


At least I now have a convenient title for each post. I used to not know what to title them but I hate having untitled ones because of the way they show up in the list of posts.

Today marks the longest I’ve been pregnant. From now on, it’s all new territory, which is both exciting and happy, and kind of scary. I always said with the last ones that at least they ended early. It was so soon after we’d found out we were even pregnant that it hadn’t become real yet and then it was over, so although it was sad and obviously traumatic since we’ve never gotten pregnant quickly and easily, at least I hadn’t really ever entertained the thought that they might actually work out.

Today is Christmas Eve and my parents and sister are coming over and sleeping over and then my brother and his girlfriend are joining us tomorrow for Christmas Day stuff. I’m not sure if my sister knows, but it’s likely considering my mom knows and has a hard time keeping quiet about exciting news (I come by it honestly!), but I imagine we’ll have to inform my brother and his gf. I don’t mind telling him, but I’ve been annoyed at her for the past while so I’m not exactly bursting to share really personal news with her, especially if things end up going wrong later on. It’s not that I don’t like her, I just find her habits and personality irritating. It’s impossible to plan things with them because she’s the boss in their relationship and she never makes a decision. Every time we suggest something that can bring to help us out, they argue and want to bring something else that is not helpful at all in our meal plan. I’m worried today that they were assigned to bring a veggie tray, which is important (everything else was spoken for, and how hard is it to pick up a tray of veggies from the store?), but I’m afraid they’ll just randomly decide to bring something else (she loves to bring stuff she’s been given by people, or to bring something they made like a week ago, that kind of thing) and we won’t get our veggie tray and we won’t be able to get one because it’s Christmas and everything is closed.

I’ve thought about calling them, but I’m afraid they’ll argue or be stupid about it and I’m so irritable and PMSy-feeling that I may disinvite them if that happens 😛

It wouldn’t be so annoying if they ever returned the favour and hosted and organized a get together, but they never do. All they do is expect everyone to bend over backwards for them and are never helpful at all in anything. Very irritating. And he was never like that before he was with her, he was always really easy to plan with so I find myself being mad at her and while I enjoy it once they get here, every time is a headache.


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